“Salus Per Aquam”. That means “health through water”. This is the philosophy at the foundation of the services provided by Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus’ Spa, a place conceived to enhance essential and simple elements such as water and heat. Aiming to equilibrate body and spirituality of guests.

The call is to start feeling your own natural rhythms again: it is possible to reach a psychophysical harmony through a sensorial interaction among body, water and nature.


As the Ancient Romans, with their common practice to plunge in thermal water and enjoy the warmth of steam, taught us, in our Spa & Wellness area we promote water therapy. This is possible thanks to the simplicity of heat, the hydrostatic pressure and the floating in a hot pool and spaces with different gradation of heat.


Here, in the green heart of Italy, our idea of well-being passes through water.


Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus

Strada provinciale, 50, km. 10,300, 05011 – Allerona (TR) – Italy

Phone: +39 327 425 5489





Spao Borgo San Pietro still maintains its soul of magical place, absorbed in an enchanting position and surrounded by precious natural elements – as a water stream or the rare examples of Monte Rufeno’s orchids – that foster its original spiritual vocation.


For this reason, a big space is devoted to those activities that reconcile with the rhythm of nature and reconnect with own senses. Solitary corners of garden or the room with big glass windows pool view become the perfect places for yoga classes and meditation activities.