An exclusive place for dream weddings in Umbria and Tuscany

Having an entire Borgo for a wedding in Italy is synonymous with exclusivity. And if this ancient medieval hamlet is nestled between Umbria and Tuscany and surrounded by pure nature, then this is for real a magical place. After all, the wedding day is one of those days destined to remain in the couple’s memory forever. For that, the place must be chosen with appropriate care and attention. Attention must also be paid to the aspects of wedding organization. Indeed, not all locations are suitable for organising the dream wedding that a couple imagines. A Borgo for weddings in Italy such as the Spao San Pietro Aquaeortus, on the other hand, lends itself to multiple wedding styles. But above all, it lends itself to the organisation of customised weddings.

Everything here is designed to make weddings unique and exclusive. In the name of luxury and simplicity. The vision stems from a dream, that of entrepreneur Stefano Magini. It is to him that we owe the rebirth of the medieval village and the consequent transformation into a unique wedding location between Umbria and Tuscany. Regions that are among the wedding destinations most chosen by foreigners for weddings in Italy.




Today Spao Borgo San Pietro is a place where weddings with civil ceremonies are celebrated in nature, amid history and simplicity, in the sign of a tangible but never ostentatious or brazen luxury.

The mixture of historical and natural elements manages to create an atmosphere that evokes a pleasant ‘other’ dimension. The distance from the frenetic rhythms of city life, noise and chaos gives the place an innate spirituality. This is why Spao Borgo San Pietro has become a location where civil weddings are celebrated. To offer the bride and groom a wedding borgo in Italy where the symbolic act of “saying yes” can be experienced with even more emphasis, emotion and transport. Here the bride and groom can enjoy an oasis of well-being where they can rediscover their balance. And gather in their own intimacy.




Year after year, visit after visit,’ Stefano Magini recounts, ‘the dream of bringing this earthly paradise back to life grew in me. I studied the surrounding nature, the fauna, the sounds, the scents, the colours and, above all, the people who live in the area and told me their stories, all of which were linked to Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus. So, one day, I got into my jeep, left Rome behind me and began the greatest adventure of my life.


The entire medieval village was brought back to life in 2005, after 5 years of painstaking and important restoration. The work was supervised by Stefano Magini. Work that transformed the medieval village into one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio. A place where luxury passes through simplicity and accuracy of detail.




In order to restore the medieval buildings to their former charm while making them functional for contemporary activities, all the buildings were first dismantled stone by stone. Then consolidated and finally reconstructed with the original materials in strict compliance with reconstructive techniques. Every corner of the Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus has remained true to its original form. Today it retains those features that contribute to making the Borgo unique. Every corner tells a story and conveys the emotions of the past that once was. Here, newlyweds and guests are immersed in a spiritual atmosphere of deep contact with nature and thus with themselves.


At the same time, however, the couple and their guests staying at San Pietro Aquaeortus will have at their disposal a Borgo for a wedding in Italy with finely furnished suites and locations with all the comforts of modern life, such as a spa, swimming pool, wellness centre and much more. 


The restoration works are part of the project that entrepreneur Stefano Magini has renamed “L’Italia che eravamo” (Italy We Were).


“Our project,” says Stefano Magini, “wants to continue the path begun by the Benedictine monks, then travelled by the many farmers who have followed until the present day, with an aim to offer our guests all the beauty of nature and the power of water.


And here comes backwater, the source of life, to which the village owes its name. St Peter, having landed in Pisa on the Via Francigena, made water gush forth in this pleasant place to give Baptism. And the term ‘aquaeortus’ means precisely ‘spring of water’.

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Innate spirituality place, where the gush of water is due to a Saint Peter miracle, still nowadays Spao Borgo San Pietro continues to be a…
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