Just lingering in front of the entrance gate of Spao Borgo San Pietro, where Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio meet, is possible to see the time stopping and to feel in another dimension, ancient and regenerative, simple and luxurious at the same time. A feeling of well-being that comes back when you walk between the columns and the houses, under the arches of the hamlet stolen from the ruins, and along the stream shore.


A fairytale atmosphere, perfect to leave daily stress and city chaos behind us. An atmosphere that is tangible also in the 25 Spao Borgo San Pietro’s apartments: from the apartment called ‘Il Forno’ (‘The Bakery’), where monks used to make bread, ‘Casa del Prete’ (‘Priest’s Home), from a window of that home the priest could see the whole Umbria, “Scuola Elementare” (“Primary School”) and “Casa della Perpetua” (“Home of the priest’s housekeeper”). Every apartment tells the hamlet’s original story; everywhere it is possible to smell chestnut and handmade cotto tile, authentic materials. A story that today relives in the name of luxury.


The Spao Borgo San Pietro’s apartments are different and able to satisfy the needs of customers that want to live ‘ancientrooms’ without renouncing to the most modern comforts.


The restaurant and the conference hall, within the restored old medieval church, complete the offer. Together with the inner wellness centre with a little swimming pool, a gym and a wine bar with an external garden.


The last but not the least is the inner square of the village, that is the perfect place to organise exhibitions, concerts, vernissage, cocktail parties.