Say "YES" in an ancient medieval borgo immersed in a fairytale atmosphere

Planning Your Dream Wedding in Umbria, Italy


Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus is the perfect location to get married in Umbria, between Tuscany and Latium. San Pietro Aquaeortus is a finely restored medieval Borgo having all spaces and services necessary for a dream wedding organization. A wedding couple will be accompanied by the SPAO  team during the wedding preparation and organization process. From a choice of settings, a reception style, wedding menu choice etc.


Getting married in Umbria in a Medieval Borgo.


SPAO San Pietro Aquaeortus is synonymous with elegance and exclusivity because the borgo’s spacious outdoor spaces (surrounded by greenery) and refined indoor spaces can be “tailor-made” with the advice of our wedding planner. Brides and grooms (Italians and foreigners) looking for a luxury wedding venue in Umbria or Tuscany can therefore rely completely on SPAO Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus to organize their wedding.


Our professionals are experts in wedding planning and creating the perfect wedding atmosphere. Special attention is paid to the arrangements, lighting, decorations and floral arrangements, music. And in general to the elements that can evoke the romantic atmosphere that the bride and groom dream of.


Making the wedding ceremony and reception exclusive are the many different areas of the Borgo that lend themselves to characterize the different moments of the wedding party. San Pietro Aquaeortus is not just any location, but an entire medieval village at the disposal of the bride and groom.


The Borgo’s spaces where the different moments of the reception can be organized


  • Those who wish to hold their wedding ceremony in the Borgo will find a garden set up for the ceremony, immersed and surrounded by a green park, with manicured plants, a flower show and bucolic nature. Just like in the most beautiful fairy tales.


  • After there is an Italian-style aperitif that is held in a sheltered part of the large green garden where in addition to a marvellous view there will be a dedicated wine bar waiting for a couple and their guests.


  • The wedding dinner in the town’s beautiful square (ital. La  Piazza Grande) is embraced 360 degrees by medieval buildings. It is the perfect place for guests to gather at a special table. Later, a wedding cake cut will be held in the Piazza Grande as well, in its part offering a breathtaking view of the immenseUmbrian hills. Even though it is diminutive to call this space romantic. Because it is much more than only romantic. Here the couple may enjoy an enchanting view overlooking Tuscan and Umbrian landscapes. As well as the Borgo park and pool. All the Borgo being illuminated by many fairy lights and the distant villages’ lights will be a delight to the eye and will warm your soul.


After the wedding cake is cut, a wedding party will continue by the pool, where the bride and groom with their guests can enjoy the Wine Bar and Dance Floor.


Wedding styles: inspiration for a tailor-made wedding




Getting married in Umbria with a civil ceremony


The Ancient Medieval Village is given in exclusive use only together with all its spaces. For those who have decided to do a civil ceremony wedding, SPAO Borgo San Pietro in Aquaeortus provides the opportunity to celebrate it directly on-site. The location where the ceremony is to be celebrated can be chosen by the couple together with a wedding planner. That is in order to take care of every aspect of the wedding. For example, there is a spectacular view from the main square overlooking the verdant Umbrian nature.  You can also celebrate it in the ancient deconsecrated medieval church, with its cosy solemn atmosphere.


Getting married in Umbria with a Religious wedding


For brides and grooms who decide to get married in a Catholic ceremony, SPAO Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus is the most suitable location for weddings in Italy in Umbria. SPAO is close to many historical centres. All are unique and fascinating, with some of the most beautiful churches and domes in the world. These towns include Orvieto, Allerona, Perugia, Assisi, Gubbio, Todi, Foligno and the cities of Alta Tuscia and nearby Tuscany.


Find out more about the organization of religious weddings in Umbria:





Wedding weekend in Umbria


The wedding type is of absolute importance. SPAO Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus not to offer only the possibility to organise a dream wedding day, but also the possibility to organise a wedding weekend. Meaning that the bride and groom, as well as their guests, can use the venue exclusively for more than one day or for an entire weekend.

There are twenty-five suites inside Borgo SPAO San Pietro Aquaeortus furnished and equipped with all the necessary comforts for a luxurious stay.

The ancient houses where monks baked bread, the priest’s house, an old school, a mill,  a grocery shop, a cheese house, and all the other spaces where the medieval Borgo once stood have been transformed into furnished to offer an exclusive welcome and rest, what makes a wedding ceremony and a reception exclusive.


Cuisine and wedding menu


We cannot talk about wedding organization without dwelling on one of the most characterizing aspects of a wedding reception. The one which is food and wine. The unique and memorable wedding also calls for a menu astounding palate of a bride&groom and their guests. The Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus Restaurant offers exclusive, territorial and authentic cuisine. The recipes stem from a blend of centuries-old traditions from Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio. Therefore, it stems from typical Italian flavours and cooking traditions and aims to accompany all this experience with delicate and refined flavours and perfumes.


In this way, an authentic Italy lives again in wedding dishes. That Italy that knows how to combine its age-old traditions with innovation without losing its authenticity. The cuisine of Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus Restaurant is the place where food becomes nourishment for the soul. Where all the luxury of Italian cuisine comes to the fore. A cuisine that has its roots in the recipes of our grandmothers, who with ‘simple’ and genuine ingredients were able to amaze the taste and smell of all the diners. Our cuisine has taken up this enormous legacy and made it an art “at the service” of all couples who decide to celebrate their wedding in Italy in this sublime medieval Borgo.


Spao Borgo San Pietro

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