Country Chic Wedding, ideas and inspirations to say ‘Yes, i do’ between nature and luxury

Astilbe, white fern, wildflowers in vintage small vases and hundreds of candles to warm the spaces: this is the way a perfect Country Chic wedding goes on stage. A romantic style, a perfect mix of nature and luxury that at Spao Borgo San Pietro finds its best expression.

Wood, warm and quivering raw material. Nature, in its brightest and most inviting colours, as green, yellow ochre, burgundy, brown and pink. The atmosphere is fascinating, relaxing and romantic. This is the way a perfect Country chic wedding comes to life.


A sophisticated style, a tribute to simplicity and love, finding its lifeblood in the colours stolen from the palette of Monet. A praise to Nature, to flowers that represent its essence.


In questa foto un vaso di fiori fa da centratavola ad una mise en place in stile country chic


Country Chic Wedding: when luxury meets simplicity


A theme that here at Spao Borgo San Pietro finds its best expression if interpreted in a minimalist and contemporary key, with decorations that follow and complete the spaces of the borgo (village), with some stylish details – in turn – emphasised by the antique and unique location spaces.


The idea from which we need to start, in the realization of a perfect Country Chic Wedding, is that luxury is especially found in simplicity. In an endless series of details that coming straight from Mother Earth animates the mise en place. Above all, the flowers.


Floral decorations for a Country Chic Wedding


In the setting created by the team of Spao Borgo San Pietro and protagonist of the published photo shooting, flowers prevail the scene, although in a moderate way: they are delicate and discreet.


Wildflowers, roses, astilbes, calla lillies, twigs of fern run after each other in the vases, on the round and imperial tables. The result is an alternation of pink, burgundy, white and green, nuances that find their final harmony in the warm wood colour of tables.


In this photo wild flowers, astilbe, calla lilies and dahlias in the jars of the mise en place designed by the staff of Spao Borgo San Pietro for a country chic wedding


How to set up the wedding tables?


The tables of Spao Borgo San Pietro’s restaurant, nowadays positioned in the spaces of the village deconsecrated church, are perfect for the Country Chic decorations.


Imperial, round, rectangular: the combination and position of the guests are unlimited, even if the most important thing is that all of them are linked from an only leitmotif: the natural beauty of simple things.


  • The rectangular table


The long material wood table has some elements that recalls both Country and Jungle style, without any tablecloth and every seat is marked with a long napkin under the plate. White porcelain and clear glass for the flatware. Little yellow ochre ceramic vases and the small vintage bottles host twigs and wildflowers.


  • The round table


Silver cutlery, long and thin candelabras with a bronze effect, little transparent vases of different height. And then, much green, interrupted only by the pink astilbes, the burgundy calla Lillies and dahlias, and white wildflowers. These are the country chic arrangements created for the rectangular and round tables of Spao Borgo San Pietro restaurant; a mise en place that works because it is on light wood.



  • The imperial table


The real coup-de-théâtre of Spao Borgo San Pietro Country Chic wedding arrangement is the splendid imperial table located on the first floor of the restaurant. This space is normally used as a plan B when it is not possible to organize the wedding reception in the borgo’s square.


The long imperial table is located under a pitched roof recalling an old attic with a rose window from which a beautiful, cozy and natural light filtered in.

In this photo the important imperial table in country chic style on the upper floor of the restaurant in spao borgo san pietro, location for weddings in umbria


The chromatic palette goes from cream to pink; the location is warmed up by hundreds of candles placed on the ground, along the room perimetral walls.


On the table, with its romantic contrast of the honey top and the white feet, there is a long green leaves runner touching the floor in which small white and pink roses are skillfully set. Along the table there are also column candelabras.


The idea of positioning mini wedding cakes in the central part of the table, between a seat and the other, is wonderful, waiting for “her majesty” the wedding cake.


In this photo a mini wedding cake placed in the center of the long imperial table set up in spao borgo san pietro


Her majesty, the wedding cake


Emblem of luxury and simplicity, in a perfect mood with a Country Chic wedding, the wedding cake is in the shades of gold, pink and white.


In this photo the stunning three-tiered wedding cake perfect for a country chic wedding


The floors of the cake are three: the first, the lowest, is gold and helps to give shine to the entire creation. The second, the central one, is the highest, it is pink and with a faint marbled effect. Twigs of white fern and pink astilbes stand out against the last floor of the cake, among those that seem to be veils of ripped paper. A very trendy choice.


In this photo the stunning three-tiered wedding cake perfect for a country chic wedding


Spao Borgo San Pietro, perfect location for a Country Chic Wedding


To be beautiful the things must be simple. This is the idea at the base of the photographical shooting proposed in this article and that is referred to the image of a perfect Country Chic wedding; but more over this is the philosophy of Spao Borgo San Pietro.


Here, in this place out of time and space, in this wedding location among Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio, surrounded by the Italy green lung, everything starts from Nature and takes shape in the respect of it. As, the borgo is a place of innate historical, landscape and architectural beauty, it does not take much to emphasise all of its charm.


Furthermore, considering the moment we are living, with a pandemic that is putting us to the test, the message is stronger and clearer than ever: an event, a wedding to be perfect does not need any excess or ostentation, instead it needs real feelings and a luxury to be found in simplicity.



Location: Spao Borgo San Pietro
Mise en place: Vola Service
Flowers: La Gardenia
Cake: Sweetie Pie by Natascia Bachini


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