Required Documents for Japanese Citizens Marrying in Italy


How to get married in Italy as a Japanese citizen? Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Rich in charm for its natural beauty, its landscapes, and its cities of art. Over the years, there are many foreign couples who have chosen Italy to celebrate their wedding. And we are not surprised by that. 



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How to get married in Italy as a Japanese citizen: Is it possible to get married in Italy as a foreigner?



The places in Italy are perfect for celebrating a memorable wedding, and they are not exclusive to Italians only.

So the answer is YES, it is possible to celebrate marriage in Italy even if you are a foreigner. There are legal and bureaucratic requirements to deal with, of course, but it is worth the candle. Especially if the wedding venue where you would celebrate the wedding, among its services, also has assistance to the couple with these bureaucratic requirements, as we do at SPAO.

Many foreign couples over the years have relied on us. SPAO San Pietro Aquaeortus in addition to being a beautiful location, with comfortable accommodations and tasty food provides assistance in helping with all marriage formalities at municipalities, consulates and embassies. We provide you with all the assistance you need and support for any problems that may occur while planning a wedding in Italy.


How to get married in Italy as a Japanese citizen: a General Guidance 


In Italy, there are civil and religious marriages, both of which are recognized by Italian law and can take place in every region and city of our country. 

The difference lay in the following: the civil marriage ceremony is performed by a mayor or municipal officials. For religious ceremonies, on the other hand, it should be noted that all faiths require a civil ceremony to be recognized by the state. There are many differences between religious and civil rites, and it is at the discretion and sensitivity of a couple to choose the former or the latter.

Below we list the general requirements that a Japanese couple must meet in order to be able to get married in Italy with a civil ceremony and have their marriage recognized in Japan as well.


How to get married in Italy as a Japanese citizen: documents and certificates



  1. Birth certificates from both parties
  2. Certificate of Capacity to Marry – Required from both parties and obtained from the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in Italy
  3. Japanese Certificate of Family Register – Obtained from the Japanese municipal office where the marriage is to be registered
  4. Japanese Affidavit of Counselling Record (Konin-Todoke): Requires from the couple a counselling session in Japan, and obtained from the Japanese Civil Registry office
  5. Japanese Declaration of Intention to Marry (Koninteki-Keiyaku): Required from both parties and obtained from the Japanese Consulate in Italy
  6. Italian Certificate of Non-impediment to Marry (Nulla Osta): Required from both parties and obtained from the comune in which they are planning to marry in Italy
  7. Italian Certificate of Catholic marriage (Notarized Declaration of Freedom to Marry): Required from both parties and obtained by obtaining a religious blessing from their local Catholic Church in Italy (only required if the marriage is taking place in a Catholic church in Italy)
  8. Apostille Certificate: Attaches to the Certificate of Capacity to Marry and is obtained from the Ministry of Justice in Japan
  9. Italian marriage application form: Required from both parties and obtained from the comune in Italy where the marriage is planned to take place.

These documents can be obtained from various locations in Italy and Japan depending on the situation.



Documents needed to validate marriage in Japan after getting married in Italy  



Once married in Italy, to validate the marriage in their own country, beautiful Japan, a couple must acquire the following documents:


  1. The original marriage certificate was issued by the office that performed the ceremony in Italy
  2. The apostille is attached to the marriage certificate. This must be provided by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. A Japanese translation of the marriage certificate must be done by a certified Japanese translator or by a diplomatic or consular mission of Japan in Italy


The couple must submit these documents to the Japanese district or municipality where they permanently reside.  The couple may also have to provide additional documents to prove their identity and marital status, such as Japanese passports and residence records.

Consult the website of the Japanese embassy in Italy for more information on how to get married in Italy as a Japanese citizen




What you read about the documents needed for marriage is a general introductory and informative guide. Should the couple approach our facility for wedding planning, our team of experts will contact the relevant institutions in order to assist the couple in a precise and timely manner.



Where to Get Married in Italy: a wedding Venue in Umbria



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