Italian cuisine is famous all over the world. And a wedding menu inspired by the wines and gastronomy richness of the bel paese is bound to amaze both bride and groom and contribute to the exceptional success of the wedding. After all, defining the wedding menu has always been a priority for a couple planning a wedding, and with good reason. Since the wedding lunch and dinner (including desserts, wine, etc.) are one of the most important aspects of the entire reception.




The cuisine of SPAO Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus for a wedding menu is inspired by the great Italian tradition. To that cuisine that knows how to combine innovation and tradition, past and present.

What makes Italian cuisine so unique?

The quality of the raw materials. Our country has a great fortune, of having excellent quality raw materials. That quality that our CHEFs present on the plate and our sommeliers in their glasses.

Today, when we think of this enormous tradition, we think of our grandmothers’ recipes, which tell us about the cuisine of love. A cuisine that, in the hands of our chefs, goes hand in hand (it has to be said) with every couple’s wedding menu.

Another Italian uniqueness is its great regional variety, and the cuisine of SPAO Borgo San Pietro is inspired by the cuisines of Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio. Cuisines have their roots centuries and millennia ago and have been handed down and evolved to the present day without ever losing their identity.




Borgo San Pietro’s Food & Wine proposal for the wedding menu lies in the preparation of genuine and apparently simple dishes made with the most exclusive products on the earth that tell a wonderful Italian story. The recipes of Borgo’s chefs are the result of constant research that is then highlighted in the luxury of simplicity.


Guests, already impressed by an entire medieval village lent as a location for exclusive weddings, will be even more impressed when dishes arrive on the table that will make even the most refined and cultured palates dance and marvel. At the Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus Restaurant, food once again becomes nourishment even for the soul, and dinner or lunch acquire a spirituality of their own. Yes, because food (like wine) is never just food. It is never an end in itself. Food is a symbol that stands for something else. It is a symbol of togetherness and love. Of sharing and passion. After all, it is now well-known how much it affects the quality of life. So, why not design a wedding menu that will amaze and enhance the already immense emotions of the couple and guests?




Every course served in Borgo San Pietro’s kitchen is designed to meet the requirements of excellence and beauty. Quality, therefore, is also shown through the presentation of the dishes, and thus authentic taste meets art and creativity.


When we speak of quality, we mean the refinement of raw materials. To give you an idea, Borgo’s chefs do not simply look for a fillet of meat, but a fillet of meat that meets certain quality requirements. That is the provenance, the breed and farming methods, the environment where the animal was raised, the slaughter as well as all organoleptic qualities.


This example applies to all types of products used in Borgo’s kitchen and cellar. The wines chosen are never industrial wines; producers of wines that Borgo selects are niche producers. Producers prefer to think in terms of quality rather than quantity so that those who drink a glass of this precious nectar will be able to say that they have tasted a uniqueness, a rarity. It is with this approach that SPAO San Pietro Aquaeortus helps all newlyweds define their wedding menu. A menu that the couple can define with our Chefs, Maîtres and sommeliers by (literally) tasting the dishes. Should a couple not be able to come on-site, consultations will also be conducted online.


Important note: Quality also lies in the seasonality of the products. And this is another strong point of Borgo’s cuisine. The focus is on seasonal ingredients. And so the bride and groom’s wedding menu will also be studied and agreed upon according to the products of the season, also in relation to a wedding set-up.


An autumn wedding set-up may be followed by a menu based on the products of the autumn season, always following the couple’s personal tastes 




The Borgo’s chefs’ cuisine is further enhanced by the Borgo itself with its spaces. “The ‘restaurant hall’ is in fact the Borgo itself. Imagine a medieval hamlet: there will be a large square in the centre of the village, certainly the main church, green areas around it… and it is here, in these places, that the wedding lunch or dinner will be held, according to the couple’s choice. Imagine a large open-air square overlooking the Tuscan and Umbrian hills set up with a large table, finely decorated with elements of unostentatious but extremely refined luxury. The lights highlight the inner perimeter of the medieval village. Or a marvellous Church (now deconsecrated) capable of restoring a sense of recollection, sacredness and union, arousing emotions that have few adjectives that can fully describe them.


The experience begins as soon as you enter in the Borgo, starting with a welcome that usually consists of a wine tasting in the garden.


For couples who plan to stay with their guests for several days or for a wedding weekend, the experiential programme will be tailor-made. With the possibility of organizing pre- and post-wedding lunches, dinners, tastings and wine tastings.




The choice of wedding menu is one of the most delicate and certainly challenging. A wedding lunch or dinner is the centre around which the entire reception revolves. It is a known fact that at the end of the wedding guests will talk amongst themselves about how they liked the menu. Surprising them is therefore crucial to the success of the wedding itself.


Let’s start from the beginning, to impress with the wedding menu the first ingredient, the most fundamental is QUALITY. When it comes to food, quality should always be very high. No expense should be spared on this point because quality is immediately recognised by all palates. One way to save money while offering quality is to follow the principle of KM0 and seasonality. The chefs of SPAO San Pietro Aqueortus will guide you down this path by proposing several choices that will make the wedding menu a perfect match:




The other fundamental element is in fact variation in the menu. In this way, your guests, and yourself, will be surprised by the variety and combinations of flavours. To make your taste buds dance in new ways well, you have to vary the music. Depending on your tastes, Borgo’s chefs will come up with creative and unique ideas. Designed and conceived for you.


Our proposals are never the same. For each wedding, the menu is tailor-made. This is the only way to achieve a truly exclusive wedding.



  • Meat menu
  • Fish menu
  • Mixed menu including both land and sea dishes
  • Vegan or vegetarian menu


What to pay attention to design a wedding menu

  • Eating disorders (some guests may suffer from celiac disease, intolerances, allergies, etc.)
  • Dietary philosophies (some guests are likely to have opted for vegetarian, vegan, etc. diets)
  • Religious precepts (e.g. the Jewish religion forbids all shellfish and pork. Wine, on the other hand, must have a specific kosher certification)



  • The season of the wedding (to propose fresh, seasonal ingredients)
  • The wedding theme and style (Country chic; Shabby Chic; Minimal Chic)
  • The location and territory  
  • The number of courses to think about according to the type of menu
  • The choice of wines. (Spao always recommend local wines of the highest quality, favouring excellent productions).


There are many elements to think about, but no problem. Our wedding planners, chefs, sommeliers and experts in wedding organisations will not leave you alone in this arduous choice. Together we will design a menu that will communicate exclusivity, originality and quality to all your guests.


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