Luxury Wedding Venue in Umbria

From medieval village to elegant wedding venue between Umbria and Tuscany

The Best Luxury Wedding Venue in Umbria


For those who are searching for a “Luxury wedding in Umbria, Italy“, Borgo San Pietro Aquaeoertus is the perfect result. Indeed, there are places in Italy that are truly unique in terms of their charm, history and surroundings. And this is the case of SPAO San Pietro Aquaeortus. A village that has been transformed from a medieval hamlet into one of the best places for a luxury wedding in Umbria, Italy.


The history of the Borgo has its roots in an ancient legend linked to St Peter. The prince of the apostles.


According to the legend, St Peter passed by this place during his second coming to Italy and performed a miracle. He made water gush forth to administer baptism. Hence the term Aquaeortus (water spring).

Around 1000 A.D., a community observing Benedictine rules moved into the area and in the course of time, a monastery was built. The activity of the monastery became fundamental for land reclamation and water works to regulate watercourses. The place remained a fortress of faith for almost seven hundred years, only to be transformed into a proper village inhabited until the 1950s. 

Its spirituality, which can still be felt today when crossing the Borgo’s walls, makes San Pietro Aquaeortus a unique place, a wedding venue like few in Italy. Here, stories have not been buried forever. Thanks to the faithful restoration of the buildings, the Borgo continues to delight and amaze wedding couples and their guests.


A Luxury venue for your civil wedding in Umbria


Today SPAO Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus is also a municipal house. Civil weddings can be celebrated here, and there are several spaces in the Borgo where newlyweds can say “YES’. From the park to the terrace, from the deconsecrated church to the ancient square. All fascinating places are surrounded by beauty.

SPAO is a “wow effect” wedding location for all those who will appreciate the charm of a Medieval Borgo and its historical areas. Recent works have restored to its original splendour the present Church dating back to the 16th century, built on the ruins of an older medieval church that in turn had risen over the ruins of a very ancient pagan temple. 


How can one not be fascinated by a place where everything tells something?


Many stories layered over time, do this place in the green heart of Umbria and so close to Tuscany, continue to tell us. Everything here contributes to creating an atmosphere that seems surreal. From the pure air of the Apennines to the purity of the water. From the traditional cuisine, based on the most genuine products that this land grants, to the panoramic view of the green Umbrian hills.


A luxury wedding in Umbria


Choosing SPAO as your wedding venue in Umbria means enjoying an elegant space where luxury (not ostentatious) resides in comfort, simplicity and the finishing touches.

Today, thanks to restoration work, the Borgo has been equipped with 25 cosy and finely designed suites. A SPA, a pool, and a  restaurant that exalts the local Tuscan and Umbrian cuisine, making it gourmet and innovative. Last but not least, a fine wine cellar that houses a large selection of fine local wines. 


A venue to suit every style of luxury wedding


Getting married in a luxury wedding venue in Umbria will allow you to choose from an infinite number of possibilities in terms of wedding reception style. The characteristic of this medieval Borgo, immersed in unspoilt nature, is also to lend itself to different wedding styles. The stone structures, the panoramic view reminiscent of those in the paintings of the great Renaissance masters, and the large square with panoramic views. Everything lends itself to giving the couple an unforgettable luxury wedding reception in Italy.


Some wedding reception styles


  • romantic
  • bucolic
  • country chic
  • green and eco-friendly
  • boho
  • shabby chic
  • vintage
  • elegant 


These are just a few examples because what really characterises SPAO is the possibility of a made-to-measure wedding. With Borgo’s ample spaces such as the garden, the large square overlooking the Tuscan and Umbrian countryside, and the swimming pool, everything can be tailor-made for you.

A bride and groom can then avail themselves of the exclusive advice of our wedding planner. Ready to transform a dream into reality, so as to make the wedding and its memory sublime and eternal.



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