Wedding Venue Umbria, your “Yes, I do” in SPAO Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus

One of the most fascinating villages of Italy, surrounded by nature, imbued with history, where luxury relies in simplicity: Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus is the perfect wedding venue in Umbria to plan your dream wedding in Italy as a true experience to live and to share with your guests.


You get embraced by the most luxuriant countryside, between the paths and the ancient walls of one of the most antique and charming Italian villages, turning your gaze to a welcoming horizon: if this is how you are imagining you “Yes, I do”, if you think that true luxury is concealed into every most simple detail, Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus is the perfect wedding venue in Umbria for you and your future husband.


A timeless place where nature and history chase each other and wave together. A little village (it. Borgo) – inhabited until 1950s and totally restored today – that is offered exclusively and remains totally available to the couples that choose it for their wedding day.


A wellness and beauty paradise, where the wedding is “tailored” on the bride and groom’s ideas, and where you will be put at the heart of everything.


Wedding Venue Umbria: Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus is the perfect place


Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus is the perfect wedding venue Umbria because it has the quality of containing the best of this region: bucolic inspirations, history, horizons and beautiful panoramas to lose your breath for, tasty food and products from the territory, excellent wines from an area that has a great vocation for its production.


Well, it is about the perfct place where to plan your dream Italian wedding. A luxurious facility where to benefit from any of its spots: from the main square overlooking the Umbrian hills to the former church that has become a restaurant, from the park to the wine cellar, from the SPA to the apartments equipped with any comfort and obtained by the old houses where the village population used to live some decades ago.


There is nothing missing in Borgo San Pietro. Literally.


And this is the reason why future brides as you have chosen this hamlet in Umbria to celebrate their weddings, that still today remain unforgotten for their uniqueness and beauty.


Wedding location in Umbria Spao Borgo San Pietro


Spao Borgo San Pietro, this Italy wedding venue is made for you if…


Spao Borgo San Pietro is suitable for various types of celebrations. It is possible to do your civil wedding, so you can choose the location both for the ceremony and the wedding dinner. The spaces allow us to organize an en plein air wedding, utterly benefiting from the wide outdoor spots in Spao Borgo San Pietro.


Moreover, if you want the most glorious splendours of the past to echo during your wedding day, this hamlet is a certified historical residence anyway.


So, the village is the right place for you if you are looking for:


1. A location for civil weddings in Umbria


Borgo’s spaces can host your civil wedding. If you wish to celebrate your union in the same place where then you can have your reception and your party, Spao Borgo San Pietro makes it possible.


As the facility is very vast and is composed by several spots which are all available to the bride and groom, it will be easy for you to plan every moment of the day in a different corner.


2. A location for outdoor weddings


On the main square with a view on the Umbrian woods, on the park, on the courtyard, close to the pool: there are many (and all different) sceneries in Spao Borgo San Pietro that you can choose, if you wish to have an outdoor wedding.


For the wedding day, the location is exclusively granted to the couple and their guests, so you will be able to move freely from one spot to another.


3. An hamlet for your dream wedding in Italy


Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus is perfect for you  if you are looking for a hamlet where to celebrate weddings, namely an entire little town (now uninhabited) to be all available to make it happen.


In this sense, while you choose your wedding venue you should never underestimate the facility’s conditions. Differently from any other Italian abandoned village, Spao Borgo San Pietro has recently been restored, so we are talking about a place that is perfectly able to integrate the charm of history with the most contemporary services and technologies.


4. An exclusive wedding location in Umbria


It is an exclusive wedding location in Umbria for two reasons:


  • Those who get married in Spao Borgo San Pietro know to have the exclusive use of the entire village, so the only protagonists of the day will be the couple and their guests.
  • It is a refined location in every single detail, accurately and painstakingly preserved by the owners who believe that luxury relies in simplicity; so everything is in its right place and it is thought just for the clients’ wellness and satisfaction. Less is more.


5. An Umbrian hamlet for luxurious weddings


For the reasons we have just quoted, for the high qualitative standards of the services, for Spao Borgo San Pietro being a paradise of relax and beauty, for being located at the core of three marvellous Italian regions (Umbria, Tuscany, Lazio) and for being able to offer these territories’ features: for all these reasons Spao Borgo San Pietro is a location for luxurious wedding in Italy that aims at quality instead of quantity.


6. An ancient wedding venue


Due to its centuries-old history, today Spao Borgo San Pietro is what couples wishing for a wedding in an ancient residence choose. Here, every building, every path, every colonnade tells something of the Italian history.



Wedding with accomodation, in Borgo San Pietro there is room for you and your loved ones


The last (but not the least!) aspect you should consider is whether you are looking for a wedding venue that allows to accomossate your guests. For example, if you desire to organize a celebration that lasts for more days – a wedding weekend in Italy – you can be sure that your guests would never decide to leave this village.


Or, probably, it will be you and your future husband to stay the days after your Umbria wedding, totally relaxing, before your honeymoon or before going back to the chaotic everyday life. One year after your wedding, then, you can come back to celebrate your first anniversary as husband and wife.


Wedding in Umbria: one region but infinite style choices


Planning your wedding in Umbria will give you infinite possibilities in terms of style to adopt. The settings and spaces of this region will allow your fantasy to run wild.


By choosing your wedding venue in Umbria you can select one of the styles that follow:


  • Romantic;
  • Bucolic;
  • Country chic;
  • Green and eco-friendly;
  • Boho;
  • Shabby chic;
  • Vintage
  • Minimal chic.


Well, there are many options and you have just to decide accordingly to who you are as a couple, to what represents and describes you the most, because on your wedding day, you should show your true selves.


Naturally, Spao Borgo San Pietro is a wedding venue in Umbria that enables to create and shape any of these styles and moods, just because on your wedding day it is exclusively booked for the couple and its guests.

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Wedding location Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio: Borgo San Pietro is on the way to Allerona


Spao Borgo San Pietro’s position is among its many positive aspects. It is a wedding location that stems from the area of Terni and around – more precisely on the way that connects Fabro and Allerona – but actually it is at the centre of the regions of Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio.


It is about a true crossroad, easy to reach from any of these regions and that benefits from their peculiar beauties: unpolluted nature, food, wine, peace, culture, beaty and majestic and clear skies.


Well, Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus is where to find the incontrovertible Italian splendour.


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