A location for a civil wedding in Umbria? Spao Borgo San Pietro is what you are looking for and this is why

Imagine to pronounce your “Yes, I do” in the same place where you can then celebrate wedding with your guests, and you want t have a unique outdoor wedding. Well, Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus is just your weding venue for a civil ritual wedding in Umbria.


You have decided that your wedding will have a civil ceremony, but that won’t mean to quit the idea of a warm, welcoming and fascinating atmosphere; and now you want to find a perfect place where to celebrate it, but that won’t be the grim space at the town hall.


No worries. Spao Borgo San Pietro is the civil wedding location in Umbria that meets all your needs.


Civil wedding venue in Umbria: your “Yes, I do” in Spao Borgo San Pietro


One of the most suggestive and in perfect conditions Italian villages is a place where to celebrate civil ceremony in Umbria and that can provide an authorized staff member to perform your ceremony (if you don’t have already appointed someone).

wedding venue umbria


That is why to choose Borgo SPAO for your civil wedding in Umbria


Planning a civil wedding in Umbria gives you plenty of possibilities, and even more if you do it in Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus.


The venue is one of a kind: we are talking about an authentic medieval village, entirely restored by the current owners, that contains all the charm of:


  • The main square with a breath-taking view of the Umbrian hills and woods;
  • Wide and refined gardens with lawn where it is possible to celebrate the civil ritual wedding;
  • A cellar where to taste Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio wines;
  • A deconsecrated church turned into a restaurant.


Moreover, you will find the houses that once were inhabited are now transformed into suites to welcome you and your parthner, as well as your guests; the SPAO and the outdoor pool with a view on the Umbrian woods.


Do you know what is the best of it? If you choose Spao Borgo San Pietro as your wedding venue, the village will be exclusively yours: there will be just the two of you, your wedding guests and the highly qualified staff, with a team of professionals specialized in the wedding planning field.


From the ceremony to the party, the beauty of a wedding in an Italian village


Well, if you don’t want to marry in a church or in the city hall, if your desire is to plan a civil wedding in  Italy, if you imagine your wedding day as a moment of luxurious simplicity… Borgo San Pietro is the perfect venue for your wedding in Umbria.


You can exploit every spot of the facility and to pronounce your “Yes, I do” making the civil ceremony more magical thanks to the additional rituals such as the candle-lighting, the unity sand or the handfasting one. Just to quote some.


What you can do in our venue for a civil wedding in Umbria


Spao Borgo San Pietro is your civil wedding venue in Umbria if your desire:


  • Outdoor civil wedding;
  • An intimate celebration in one of the most beautiful venues of Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio;
  • A wedding venue embraced by woods.


1. An outdoor civil wedding


Is your great desire to plan an outdoor civil wedding one of the reasons why you and your partner have chosen not to have your wedding in a church or at the city hall? Spao Borgo San Pietro can make your dream come true. You have the chance to do the civil ceremony in every corner of the location.


For sure, one of the most suggestive spots is the intimate terrace which is completely surrounded by the green lawns and the Umbrian countryside, with its cobbles that will make your guests wearing heels thank you!


This place, with a panoramic view on Umbria nature, can fit all your guests. It is a space to tailor as you wish, accordingly to the mood and the style that you want your wedding to have.


location civil wedding in Umbria Spao Borgo San Pietro


Anyway, your outdoor civil wedding could be celebrated in the wide garden that surrounds all the village: a very green and accurate, spacious lawn that can also be tailored to meet your style features.


There are enough rooms to welcome a very large group of guests and to set up an altar that can embrace you and your partner in a trully magical atmosphere.


The Country Chic style is one of the most desired for the wedding settings: the area reserved to the newlyweds can be embellished with wooden and floral arches, or with a wooden structure that sustains a white delicate cloth. All the guests can have fantastic wooden seats, decorated with little bunches of flowers here and there.



2. An intimate wedding in Umbria


Either outdoor or indoor, you have decided that your wedding in Umbria will be anyway an intimate one. With few guests, but having a party they will remember for good: they will enjoy a true experience in a location between Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio.


Well, if the number of guests is “moderate”, you can think about offering them a stay – at the end of the celebration – in one of the apartments in Spao Borgo San Pietro: they were the old houses of the village inhabitants, which have been transformed into suites equipped with any type of comfort and designed to offer guests absolute relax.


After your wedding, why not to arrange an en plein air brunch or cocktail at the poolside? Or to give them some extra relax hour in the Spa of Borgo San Pietro, or to book a walk or cycling excursion into the woods?


And list goes on!



3. Celebrating the wedding into the woods


Talking about the woods, it can be the location of your wedding in Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus.


The medieval village is actually surrounded by the Umbrian and Tuscan  nature. And just here, between the century-old trees belonging to the countryside, you can pronounce your “Yes, I do” breathing a magical and non-conventional air.


4. A wedding into a deconsecrated church


Last but not least, you can make your dream of planning your wedding into a deconsecrated church in the area between Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio come true here in Spao Borgo San Pietro.


In the venue, there is actually what once was the medieval village church that the owners have utterly restored and saved from the decay.


Today it hosts the restaurant of Spao Borgo San Pietro, but it is possible to set it up to celebrate the civil ritual wedding if your desire to have it into a deconsecrated church.



wedding venue umbria

Dream wedding venue in Umbria, a complete wedding service in SPAO


Whatever your wedding idea is, either you want to celebrate the cereminy in the location or just to have the party in it, Spao Borgo San Pietro is anyway the perfect wedding venue in Umbria. The dream wedding venue in Italy.


And it is not just a matter of available spots and infinite settings possibilities to realize, but also high qualitative standards offered by the accommodation facility and, most of all, by the staff which is definitively qualified and specialized in hospitality.


There is a team in Spao that is trained to offer a complete wedding service and that makes different activities available to the future bride and groom:


  • Planning the wedding reception;
  • Catering and banqueting;
  • Civil ritual celebration, with the availability of an officiant provided by the facility.


wedding venue umbria



Moreover, if you chose to hire a wedding planner to design and realize your wedding, Spao Borgo San Pietro today collaborates with many professionals of this field, making its staff available so to create synergical support between everyone. And to ensure you will have your dream wedding in Umbria.


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