A Canvas for Love: San Pietro Aquaeortus – Your Fairytale Luxury Wedding Venue

Your Fairytale Luxury Wedding Venue. Let your mind paint a dream, a symphony of moments filled with laughter, joy and love. Imagine whispers of melodies wafting through the air, palpable joy on the faces of those dear to you, elation in your heart and the undeniable harmony of love in every breath. Now, place this tenderly woven tapestry in an enchanting frame steeped in hundreds of years of history, a frame that radiates magic, faith, resilience and undying romance.


San Pietro Aquaeortus, an ancient medieval village nestled between the lush landscapes of Tuscany and Umbria, is ready to welcome your love story. This luxury wedding venue, reminiscent of a fairytale landscape, is the embodiment of those enchanting places we dreamt of while curled up in our grandparents’ arms, listening to the stories of ‘forever’.


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A Fairytale Wedding Venue With a Fascinating History


Every fairytale wedding requires a venue that resonates with the depth of love. Where better than a place that has guarded faith and love since the first century of the year 1000? Local legend tells that St Peter passed here and blessed this land, and the miracle of spring came from his blessing, hence the name ‘Aquaeortus (spring water from Latin.

Centuries passed and Benedictine monks found their solace here. For seven centuries, faith resonated in every stone and every flower, before the Borgo blossomed into a vibrant village until the 1950s. This medieval hamlet has been beautifully restored and refurbished and is ready to welcome the vows of all couples who dream of getting married in a fairytale wedding venue.


Fairytale Luxury wedding in Italy


Today, San Pietro Aquaeortus has evolved into a sanctuary of love, a fairytale luxury wedding venue exclusively for couples who seek more than an ordinary wedding. Envisage stepping into a medieval hamlet, restored to its former glory with an infusion of modern luxuries, offering an unparalleled blend of history, charm, and comfort.


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A Medieval Borgo Granted Exclusively to the Couple and their Guests


The fairytale allure of this luxury wedding venue unfolds with a grand central square. The Romanesque church has been a silent spectator to countless love stories, and romantic alleys offering moments of solitude amidst the celebration. Picture your union bathed in this historic ambience, each moment echoing blessings from the past.


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Beyond the heart of the Borgo, numerous charming spaces welcome your guests. Venture further and a blossoming flower garden unravels, leading to a tranquil swimming pool, ready to host your pre- or post-wedding events, the air ripe with anticipation, love, and celebration.


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Turning a Dream into Reality: getting married in San Pietro Aquaeortus


On your journey to your dream wedding, you are not alone. A team of professionals stands ready to turn your dreams into reality. From choosing the perfect decorations to fit your theme, and arranging bespoke fittings for your gown, to coordinating unforgettable photo shoots, each aspect is meticulously planned.



Your fairytale wedding at San Pietro Aquaeortus is limited only by your imagination. Whether you dream of a romantic, bucolic, country chic, green and eco-friendly, boho, shabby chic, vintage, or elegant theme, this versatile luxury wedding venue transforms to reflect your love story. The sweeping gardens, the square offering panoramic views of the Tuscan and Umbrian countryside, and the tranquil swimming pool provide the perfect canvas for your dreams.


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For those seeking a civil ceremony, San Pietro Aquaeortus is an authorized municipal house, ensuring your vows hold legal validity. Our team will guide you through the necessary processes for a seamless experience.


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When it comes to celebrating love, indulgence should know no bounds. Our exclusive kitchen, as opposed to ordinary catering, promises a culinary experience to remember. With locally sourced ingredients, our chefs are ready to delight your palate with exquisite creations.


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San Pietro Aquaeortus, your fairytale luxury wedding venue, awaits you in the heart of Italy. This is where your love story intertwines with the magic of history, creating a melody that will resonate in your heart forever. Take that magical step towards a fairytale wedding as unique as the love you share.


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OUR APARTMENTS: Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus is the ideal solution for newlyweds looking for a wedding venue with accommodation. If you plan to spend your wedding night in a magical place with a relaxing bucolic nature, then the ancient medieval Borgo is the most rational choice. Here together with the reception guests, you can stay overnight in cosy and comfortable independent suites of various sizes (from one to three rooms). All are equipped with outdoor balconies, terraces, gardens and the necessary amenities for a relaxing and refined stay.


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UMBRIAN AND TUSCANY SPECIALTIES FOR YOUR WEDDING MENU Italian cuisine is famous all over the world. And a wedding menu inspired by the wines and gastronomy richness of the bel paese is bound to amaze both bride and groom and contribute to the exceptional success of the wedding. After all, defining the wedding menu has always been a priority for a couple planning a wedding, and with good reason. Since the wedding lunch and dinner (including desserts, wine, etc.) are one of the most important aspects of the entire reception.


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