Your Guide to Legal Requirements for Weddings in Italy


How to get married in Italy for citizens from the U.K Getting married in Italy can be a dream coming true for lots of couples.  Is it also possible for UK citizens to make a civil or religious ceremony that can be considered valid in the UK? Yes, and below you can find some rules and suggestions that explain how to get married in Italy for citizens from the UK.



First of all, British couples need to fill out the Notice of Marriage and nulla osta that can be downloaded on the UK government’s official website. Here there are both the form for same-sex and opposite-sex couples that require to be filled with your personal information such as your official address and marital status.

It is also really important to write the name that is on the passport, too, because Italian authorities admit to marriage only those whose name written on the form is the same as the one on the personal document.

The couples’ documents must be witnessed to obtain the nulla osta, that is the paper issued once you have sent any information and handed over the certificates required. To do so, there are two ways that a UK citizen can choose from: consult the British Embassy in Rome or make an appointment with the notary.

In the first case, the embassy will witness the affidavit and the Notice of marriage that will be displayed a week before the issue of the nulla osta. In the second case, the notary public that you are going to see will follow the Vera di firma procedure to get your documents witnessed.


How to get married in Italy for citizens from the U.K.:
Deadlines and procedures



If the chosen way is the second one, you must remember that you have to be in Italy three days before the appointment with the notary. Before submitting your documents, you need to check that everything is correct: this will permit procedures not to take longer. Witnessing your papers requires a Consular fee for displaying the Notice of Marriage (£50), issuing the nulla osta (£50) and £8 for courier.

Other information you need to know

As needed both for American and Japanese citizens, it is required the translation of the apostille to make a marriage of a UK couple in Italy valid. Getting married with a civil ceremony allows you to obtain an International wedding certificate, but if you choose Catholic or Protestant legal you are getting a Catholic legal binding Ceremony in Italy or a Protestant ceremony, the certificate will be sent later to the newlyweds. Also, if the bride is not at her first marriage, the law requires a woman to wait for 300 days since her divorce to get married again.


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