Are You Looking for Tuscany Wedding Packages?


If Are You Looking for Tuscany Wedding Packages, prepare to embark on a captivating journey to the heart of Italy’s mesmerizing region — TUSCANY. 

Here, amidst breathtaking landscapes and steeped in historical grandeur, lies a destination that beckons to those seeking an extraordinary celebration of love. In the heart of Italy SPAO San Pietro Aquaeortus rises. A wonderful medieval Borgo, where foreign and Italian couples celebrate their weddings. 

We would like to start this article by making you imagine how it is to exchange your vows amidst rolling hills and vineyards, where the very air seems to shimmer with romance.  We invite you to indulge in the imagination of the scenic and historical beauty that Tuscany has to offer. Think of yourself in a picturesque backdrop that will leave an indelible mark on your special day. What effect does this image have on your emotions? We are talking about the medieval village that respects the collective imagination:



  •  A large main square of the village with a panoramic view of the unspoiled nature of Tuscany and Umbria
  • An ancient, deconsecrated church, where today it is possible to celebrate the civil marriage ceremony or to have your wedding dinner as well
  • Finely restored stone farmhouses and antique buildings with materials of the highest quality, evoking all the ancient charm of the Borgo



Tuscany Wedding Packages



Not only that: the Borgo SPAO is surrounded by a bucolic garden and park that in spring, summer and autumn (the seasons when weddings are usually celebrated) is covered with beautiful flowers making scents that leave speechless. So, get ready to be captivated as we uncover the allure of Tuscany, where every moment is a testament to the magnificence of love and the beauty of this extraordinary destination. We will return to the description of our Borgo shortly, but in the meantime,  however, we present our package for a wonderful wedding weekend.



Choosing the Perfect Tuscany Wedding Packages at SPAO


The first thing to know is that SPAO is the perfect venue for a tailor-made wedding. A specialized team will guide the couple in choosing every detail. Providing advice, and suggestions that will help the bride and groom-to-be celebrate a perfect wedding.  But to give you an idea of how a wedding takes place in our medieval village below we provide a typical example, which includes several options to choose from.


Wedding at SPAO San Pietro Aquaeortus


First-day check-in: 


  • Guests arrive at the Borgo do their check-in and relax in the Borgo pool the Borgo bar is open—time to relax and embrace your loved ones.
  • In the afternoon there is a wine-tasting or welcome drink on the main square terrace, so our guests may finally meet everyone and have an Italian aperitivo overlooking the magnificent panorama and sunset.
  • Welcome dinner or rehearsal dinner: a wonderful chance to enjoy Italian fine food and wine and stay all together in a relaxed atmosphere before the BIG day. It can be either a typical pizza party, a Tuscan Umbrian-style dinner, or a BBQ. Many options to satisfy all needs and tastes. This welcome dinner can either be organised in Borgo Park by the pool area and near our bar, or inside our ancient restaurant.


Tuscany Wedding Packages



Second Day: The Wedding Day


Usually, the second day is the wedding day. The day that celebrates the love between bride and groom. Here below we report how a typical wedding day is organised in the morning inside the restaurant and in its small square breakfast is served for our guests. 

After breakfast, the Borgo bar opens. Guests may stay in the garden and pool and can go to the bar for a drink or eat some nice Italian dish. During this time, guests can fully enjoy the relaxation that our village offers. Enjoy the panoramic view, the beautiful days of Italian spring/summer, the scents of flowers, and of course enjoy the benefit of being together in a bucolic and beautiful place.


Luxury wedding decor


Lunch Options:


Regarding lunch, each couple has their own philosophy on how it should be conducted. Some couples, for example, for the wedding day choose to conduct both lunch and dinner. Other couples choose instead not to carry out lunch, but go directly to dinner after the wedding ceremony, or carry out a light lunch. 

For this reason, SPAO always offers couples a choice of different options. After all, our Borgo is granted exclusively to the bride and groom who can choose how to hold their wedding. This is one of the main differences that distinguish us from a classic location where to hold the wedding reception. SPAO stands for tailor-made weddings, so we always present to the bride and groom several available options. Let’s summarize them:  


Option A: An organised light lunch for all or for a certain number of guests 

Option B: At lunchtime, they will be able to buy something light like a panino or salad in our wine bar.

Option C: No lunch but directly have the Wedding ceremony followed by the Wedding dinner and Open bar at the end.


Italian food menu for weddings



The wedding day continues with the wedding ceremony. SPAO is a wedding venue where it is possible to celebrate marriage with legal validity. Over the years, numerous foreign couples have chosen our Medieval Village as the place to say YES and get married. 

In fact, we are authorized to hold civil ceremony weddings for foreign couples as well. In addition, our Borgo provides a team of professionals who will help the couple with all the necessary bureaucratic paperwork. The day will then continue with the wedding dinner.


A little note on food&wine for the wedding dinner: 


Our chefs’ recipes are rooted in the most authentic tradition of Italian cuisine. In addition to the creativity and flair with which our chefs are endowed, what makes SPAO unique is the utmost attention paid to raw materials. Raw materials (the meat, cold cuts, cheeses, pasta, etc.) must be of the highest quality. Our chefs personally select them and are constantly on the lookout for the best local producers. Same with Wine: our philosophy leads us to choose not only the most emblazoned and famous wineries but especially niche wineries. Producers who focus on quality and not quantity. Maybe small producers from Tuscany, Umbria, and Lazio, who bottle the true nectar of Bacchus.


The wedding day will finish with an Open bar in the garden, where the Guests could stay enjoying the moment and the spaces pointedly organized for them.


The third day after the wedding day 


The day after the wedding day is usually the leaving day. But it depends on the couples and their needs and wishes. 

Again, our wedding package includes a choice of several options. Let’s see them:


Option A:

  • The Breakfast is served between 8 – 10 AM in our restaurant and in its square. With the Check-out until 11.30 AM


Instead, those who wish to leave the Borgo more calmly, and still enjoy a few moments of peace in the beauty and charm of the Medieval Village, may choose the following option.


Option B:

  • Brunch is served from 09 to 12 AM and it is organised inside the restaurant and its square. In this case, the rooms (if no late check-out is needed) are to be free until the normal check-out time (11.30) and the brunch continues until 12.00 AM 


For those who would instead like to spend another whole afternoon here with us, continuing to celebrate the wedding, then option C is probably more recommended.


Option C:

  • Pool party or brunch by the pool with late check-out until 5 PM


the following option, on the other hand, is for those who would like to have another whole day to relax and enjoy the Borgo.


Option D:

  • Breakfast from 8 to 10 a.m. is organized inside the restaurant and in its square, followed by a pool party or brunch by the pool and check-out the next day.


Tuscany wedding packages


Obviously, these Tuscany Wedding packages will be defined in every detail by our professionals who, as anticipated above, will guide you (the couple) toward the realization of a perfect wedding. 

In this article, we have spoken about our wedding Packages and how unique our venue in the heart of Italy (between Tuscany and Umbria) is. We would also like to emphasize some very important things: 

Our medieval Borgo has been finely restored and brought to how it might have looked in its golden age. The Square, the Church, the alleys of the Borgo and the short stairways within it retain their old charm intact. 

Therefore, imagine this dimension when you are thinking about how the wedding will be. 

Let’s do a little mental exercise: imagine a festive atmosphere, with guests chatting with each other in the square or by the pool while sipping a glass of wine and tasting one of the delicacies prepared by Borgo’s chefs. In front and at the back of the two Astonishing scenarios:


  • The hills and woods that the Renaissance masters depicted in their masterpieces of art are famous worldwide. 
  • A Millenarial Borgo that allows you to live a unique memorable experience that you will forever. 


If you are thinking WOW what a wonder it must be, then you have managed to immerse yourself in the atmosphere that only the Borgo SPAO can offer.


Wedding at SPAO: Is That All?


No, it is not.  We have many other things to say, but you can read about them in other specific articles on our blog. Here, in conclusion, we just give you a preview: Our wedding menu (for lunch, dinner and aperitif) is designed by Borgo’s chefs. It is inspired by age-old Tuscan and Umbrian recipes and traditions, and we strive as much as possible to choose top-quality ingredients. Read more about food and wine

Our Borgo can host up to 100 people in very cosy suites, equipped with all the comforts but where you can breathe the ancient history of the place. 

Last but not least, we suggest how to organize a perfect wedding, choosing the style and decoration that suits you and your dream.


wedding venues with accomodation in Italy


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