Get married in Italy as an American citizen

How to get married in Italy as an American citizen? Italy has wonderful sights, and fascinating places that are the perfect venues for a wedding: but are they only for Italian couples? Of course, not. At SPAO, for example, you can find a fairytale atmosphere combined with the staff professionality working together to plan exclusive weddings.


How to get married in Italy as a foreigner


So many couples ask us if it is possible to get married in Italy and what we answer is YES. Couples coming from abroad are welcome at SPAO, where it is possible to find not only a beautiful venue, comfortable accommodations and tasty food. Our team is always ready to help you in handling all the wedding formalities with municipalities, consulates and embassies. We give you all the assistance you need and support with any other problem that can occur while planning a wedding in Italy.


How to get married in Italy as an American citizen: General Guidance


We need to start with the type of marriage: in Italy, there are civil and religious marriages that are recognised by Italian law and can take place in every part of our country. While civil ceremony is performed by a Mayor or municipal officials, for religious ceremonies we must underline that all faiths require a civil ceremony to be recognised by the State. The differences between religious and civil are several and it is at the discretion and up to the sensitivity of the couple choosing the first or the second one. You can find, listed below, the general rules and documents that you need for getting married in Italy.


How to get married in Italy: USA citizens


As a focus on USA citizenship, there are some important rules you need to note down. The paperwork, dealing with Italian authorities, are:

  • Passport (valid in the U.S.)
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage permission awarded by the Command (in case one of the newlyweds belongs to the military corps)
  • Evidence of the termination, a declaration stating the dissolution of any previous marriage
  •  “Dichiarazione Giurata” that states there is no legal obstacles or impediment to the marriage according to the laws of the U.S. state in which the citizen is a resident.

After that, the “Dichiarazione Giurata” must be brought to the local Ufficio Legalizzazioni and authenticated by a revenue stamp. The U.S. citizen needs an “atto notorio”, as well. It consists of an additional declaration drawn up in the presence of two witnesses. The last paper that a U.S. citizen whose intentions are to get married in Italy needs to present is a declaration of intention to marry. It has to be presented to the city hall where the marriage is taking place.

Each document must be translated into Italian and approved by the competent authority with the apostille stamp that – according to the Hague Convention – marks the authenticity of the documents. In addition, a certification that states that U.S.A. citizens are consistent with the existing Italian marriage rules is required. The U.S. citizens will be also supported by a translator when all the formal duties are being processed and the wedding date can be set.


How much does it cost to get married in Italy?


As seen before, each affidavit and paper needs a revenue stamp to which you need to add the cost of an application. The cost of an Italian wedding amount to approximately 82 €, divided in:

  • 2 revenue stamps (one for the nulla osta and one for the atto notorio): 32 €
  • The application for the atto notorio: 10.62 €
  • The application for the nulla osta: 40 €

For any further information, do not forget to contact the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Italy.

For a list of all the requirements to get married under Italian law, click here.


Where to get Married in Italy


We have talked about Italian law and the rules to get married in Italy. But now, why do not we move to another level and evaluate the perfect venue for a wedding in Italy? On the border of Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio there is SPAO, not only a venue but an authentic experience. Here you can find breathtaking panoramas, delicious food and wine and an entire Medieval hamlet for the couple and their guests. A professional team is going to guide you in planning your wedding in every single aspect: from the bureaucratic procedures to your wedding decorations. You can contact us to start planning your big day.