For the brides and grooms to be looking for an exclusive wedding location in Alta Tuscia (the northern part of Viterbo, Umbria – translator’s note) and a perfect place that can frame a timeless country chic wedding, the answer is Spao Borgo San Pietro, a village that has been rediscovered and that represents a melting pot of three unforgettable regions – Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio


Going to the origins, using tradition as a fulcrum to move along the timeline, is a perfect way to respect memory. 


In Stefano Magini’s plans, the visionary entrepreneur who in 2005 decided to give new lifeblood to Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus  by changing it in a Alta Tuscia exclusive event location and one of the most suggestive wedding venues in Umbria, there must be this goal: remodelling the past and turning into an Italian oasis of beauty and luxury ready to be transformed every time to fulfill the brides and grooms’ dreams in their special day.


Spao Borgo San Pietro exclusive location alta Tuscia
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An exclusive wedding location: Alta Tuscia to discover 


Crossroads among the beauties of three regions (Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio) – Alta Tuscia with its Etruscan mark, Tuscany with its luxuriant nature, Umbria with the enchanting beauty of its villages – SPAO Borgo San Pietro is a perfect wedding location in which organizing a country chic wedding weekend. The borgo is completely at the bride, groom and their guests disposal: among the walls of the ancient Benedictine building, that for decades had seen farming life and traditions, nowadays it is possible to celebrate visually striking civil marriage, love is celebrated in all of its shapes. 


Alta Tuscia to discover among Viterbo, Tuscania and Tarquinia (its more representative places) explodes into nature and history in Allerona, where Lazio meets Umbria: here the heart of Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus has been beating for centuries and its story is as long as the legends revolving around its walls. The holy water, according to the legend, gushed out from the hand of the Saint Peter, gave life to a self-sufficient complex in which prayer and simple life have been the place’s driving force for years.


Spao Borgo San Pietro, exclusive location alta tuscia


Alta Tuscia Wedding Venues, SPAO Borgo San Pietro’s rebirth


In 2005 Stefano Magini decided to change Borgo San Pietro’s profile with a massive restoration keeping the village’s original soul at the core. The main goal, during the 5-year restoration, has always been saving this place from a not very clement flowing of time.


The power of memory has remained intact: every room, every place of the village, that in the past were devoted to prayer and interaction, today is the setting for genuine civil ceremonies, and elegant weddings with genuine local cuisine. 


destination wedding italy


Exploring Alta Tuscia, land of legend and truth


The apartments of Spao Borgo San Pietro are the tangible symbol of the past: there is the ‘Forno’ – Bakery, where the Benedictine monks, first inhabitants of the historical complex in one of the most beautiful village of central Italy, baked bread; furthermore there is  “La scuola elementare” (Primary School), “La casa del prete” (The House of the Priest), evocative names of the restored apartments taking back to a time that no longer exists, however it still lives among the walls and corners of the borgo. 


Spao Borgo San Pietro, exclusive location alta tuscia

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borgo wedding venue italy

visit the Borgo’s gallery

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