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SPAO San Pietro Aquaeortus is the best place for couples looking for an “Orvieto wedding venue”. Of course, most of you will ask: Why is SPAO the best location for those looking for an Orvieto wedding venue? 

This article was designed and written specifically to answer this question. Let’s go step by step and start with the history of Orvieto and Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus.


Orvieto wedding venue

A brief history of Orvieto


Orvieto is a historic and important city in Umbria, located in central Italy. Orvieto has a rich history that dates back to the pre-Roman period rooted in the Etruscan period. 


The city development occurred at the turn of the 8th-6th centuries BC. Orvieto was under the Etruscans, an ancient civilization that dominated central Italy. The city name derives from the Latin “Urbs Vetus” or “old city”, because of its antiquity to be precise.  During this period, Orvieto was an important trading centre and became known for its skilled craftsmen, particularly in the production of ceramics and metals.


Furthermore, the thousand-year-old city of Orvieto also played an important role in later centuries during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance:


In the medieval centuries, Orvieto was a papal city, as well as an important centre of power in the region. The city was known for its fortifications, including walls, towers and the Albornoz Fortress. In the 13th-14th centuries, the magnificent Gothic cathedral was built in Orvieto, which to this day remains one of the city’s most iconic landmarks.


In the Renaissance, Orvieto continued to flourish and develop, and the city became an important centre of culture and the development of the arts. To this day Orvieto also continues to thrive as a tourist destination. Famous for its splendid architecture, rich history and cultural heritage, Orvieto continues to attract visitors from all over the world.


Orvieto wedding venue: A city rich in historical and archaeological sites to visit on your honeymoon


Now, after we told you some history of Orvieto, the first answer to the question “why get married in Orvieto”  becomes more clear.


That is: Orvieto is a city full of charm and very interesting places to visit after the wedding. A perfect place to spend a romantic honeymoon in a city rich in historical and archaeological sites. Let’s discover some of them together. 


The Iconic place and the first one we mention is Orvieto Cathedral, a magnificent example of Gothic architecture in Italy built between the 13th and 14th centuries. The Cathedral is world-renowned for its elaborate facade and splendid frescoes, including the magnificent “Last Judgment” by Luca Signorelli.


Piazza del Popolo. This sublime and charming square is located in the heart of Orvieto and is surrounded by historic buildings, including the Palazzo del Popolo, the Palazzo Comunale and the Torre del Moro. The square today is a gathering place for citizens and tourists and is the site of numerous events and festivals throughout the year. 


The Etruscan necropolises are of absolute importance as well. There are several Etruscan necropolises open for visitors  in

Orvieto. The most famous is the Necropolis of Crocefisso del Tufo, which is located just outside the city and is known for its well-preserved tombs and Etruscan artefacts. Discover more here: Orvieto The city of the tuff rock Cliff


Alongside an Etruscan theme, there is the Claudio Farina Museum, which houses a large collection of Etruscan artefacts, including pottery, beautiful ancient jewellery and metalwork, as well as Roman and medieval works of art. 



Orvieto wedding venue: SPAO Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus 


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The medieval Borgo of San Pietro Aquaeortus is the ideal solution for all couples who are looking for an Orvieto wedding venue. The hamlet is located just a few kilometres from the city of Orvieto and is a unique place in Italy.


The hamlet has its roots in the medieval ages like many Italian citadels, and like all medieval hamlets, it has its church, its square, and its historic buildings.


A breathtaking view of the lush Umbrian and Tuscan countryside, and it has ample space for exclusive use for the couple and its guests. Today SPAO is an idyllic wedding location. 


Photo Alessandro Mary


The ancient, deconsecrated church has become the venue for the wedding banquet, and the spacious garden beneath the hamlet can be transformed into a space to host the civil wedding ceremony or a fresh area before the banquet. The square can also be a dining or lunch location. How wonderful. 


What could be more suggestive than having an entire hamlet as a wedding location?


Wedding venue Italy
The Borgo of San Pietro Aqueortus seen from the swimming pool.


SPAO means tailor-made weddings. The couple can let their imagination and creativity run wild. With the help of our experts in wedding organization, it will be possible to create a memorable wedding reception whose only memory will continue to evoke emotions and feelings that cannot be described in words but are extremely powerful.


SPAO is an all-inclusive wedding location in Orvieto. It is possible to celebrate the civil wedding ceremony here, to stay overnight with family and guests, and choose and define the wedding menu with our Chefs and Sommeliers. 


The facility also offers a SPA and wellness path, a pool, and ample space to enjoy long moments of relaxation, characterized by romantic pre- and post-wedding. 


Orvieto wedding venue: A wedding menu based on ancient Italian culinary traditions


When one thinks of Italy, he thinks of its history, its charm and not least of all he thinks of Italian cuisine. Umbria, the green heart of the peninsula, will amaze you with the goodness of its traditional cuisine. 


Choosing Orvieto as a wedding location is, therefore, also a wise choice for those looking for a unique wedding reception. 


In the restaurant of Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus, just a few kilometres from Orvieto, the culinary traditions of Umbria, Tuscany and Latium are united together.  Thousand years old traditions are kept alive by chefs of the highest level, able to guide and advise the couple on the wedding menu definition.


To ensure a wedding banquet success, our experienced chefs will guide a couple in choosing the best raw materials.


The cuisine of SPAO San Pietro Aquaeortus is  simple but Gourmet cuisine. Here, food is considered as nourishment for the soul, and dinner or lunch will acquire their own spirit. 


orvieto wedding venue: Finger food for wedding day


Of course,  because food (like wine) is never just food. Food is a symbol of togetherness and love, of sharing and passion. It is well known how good food is able to affect the quality of life. So, as well as a wedding banquet quality. 


So, why should not you choose a wedding menu that can amaze and also enhance the already immense emotions of the couple and guests? 


It is also impossible to have a perfect wedding banquet for a  couple wanting to choose Orvieto as their wedding venue without the work of our sommeliers. 


No wedding reception can be perfect without the right combination of food and wine.


For our wine cellar sommeliers are constantly looking for delicious wines from the area. Wines are produced in limited quantities and, therefore, are very exclusive.  


Our vision is to be able to make the couple and guests enjoy not just wine, but the pure nectar of these lands. 


The wine-making tradition here is rooted in thousand years ago, and even today Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio, the lands of central Italy, are rich with their small producers of excellent wines. And our sommeliers rely on these niche but excellent producers, who can restore in a few sips all the soul of an ancient and unique land. 


The Accommodation at Spao San Pietro Aquaeortus


An all-inclusive venue cannot fail in having comfortable suites where newlyweds and guests can stay.  Our suites are carved out where the living quarters and activities of the medieval village used to be. (Discover our accommodation

Guests stay in self-contained suites with a small terrace or balcony, with spectacular views and simple yet luxurious interiors. All 25 suites are finished with high-end, non-industrial materials. Respectful of Borgo’s history and tradition. 

From the custom-made terracotta floors to the beams and fixtures made with fine wood. The rooms, full of light and colour with tones and stuccoes ranging from Pompeian red to blue and green, will contribute even more to enhance the feeling of joy due to the wedding celebration.


villages for weddings in umbria spao borgo san pietro


Orvieto wedding venue: International wedding at Spao San Pietro Aquaeortus


SPAO is being specialized in international weddings for years. At our charming Medieval Borgo, located in the town of Allerona near Orvieto, it is possible to get married with a civil ceremony. 


Location for a civil wedding in Umbria: setting up in the garden of Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus


Our staff will follow the couple through all bureaucratic and legislative requirements. The couple will not be left alone to carry out these practices that require specific knowledge.  


Our staff will accompany the couple step by step and make sure that the couple focuses on the wedding as a moment of joy and romance, relieving the stress due to the bureaucratic and legislative requirements. 


Even the couple who decide to get married with a religious rite in one of Orvieto’s wonderful churches, such as its enchanting Duomo (among the most beautiful in Italy) will be followed by our staff on the various fulfillments. 


Orvieto wedding venue: the cathedral of Orvieto


Why Choose Spao San Pietro Aquaeortus as a location for getting married in Orvieto

Those who want to choose Orvieto as their wedding venue will, therefore, be able to rely completely on our staff both for the wedding reception (including wedding banquet and overnight stay for couple and guests) and to get married and have their wedding recognized internationally.


For a consultation contact us. We will be happy to provide precise advice on how we can make your wedding the best day of your entire life.