Your intention is not only to celebrate a wedding but to live a dream. Therefore, you are looking for a luxury wedding venue in Italy, an exclusive place to get married. That is because you know that Italy is one of the most amazing countries in the world in terms of cultural heritage, landscapes, nature, and food. Well, Umbria, the central region of Italy, on par with Tuscany, is one of the best regions in the world to plan a perfect wedding. 


Luxury wedding at San Pietro Aquaeortus, Umbria sight


Step by step we will guide you to understand why Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus in Umbria is a perfect venue to make your fairytale dream come true.


Exclusive weddings in Italy, Umbria


For those of you who have not yet heard of Umbria, in Italy, let’s give a brief introduction to this magnificent region that is home of our Medieval Borgo, now a location for exclusive weddings. 

Umbria is perfect for exclusive weddings for several reasons:


1) Natural landscapes: Umbria is famous for its incredible natural beauty, rolling hills, olive groves, vineyards and ancient forests. A perfect region for those who love nature and relaxation.


2) Art and Culture: It was one of the regions that contributed most to the Italian Renaissance, its towns and cities are endowed with superlative charms, such as Orvieto, Gubbio, Assisi, Todi etc. The region hosts numerous museums, art galleries and world-class architectural masterpieces like the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Umbria also is the region of Italy famous for having been the land of the Etruscans, an ancient and in some ways mysterious population of central Italy that even today after 3,000 years continues to fascinate the entire world. Today a few kilometres from St. Peter Aquaeortus are wonderful necropolis such as the Necropolis of the Crucifix and the necropolis of Cannicella. But also the Belvedere Temple and the National Archaeological Museum of Orvieto. Summing up, Umbria is a land of continuous discoveries with a rich, thousand-year history. Discover more here on the official Umbria tourism web portal


3) Food and Wine: For those who love food, Umbria, like Tuscany, enjoys a rich culinary tradition and some of the best wines in Italy. Indeed, with 13 wine regions, Umbria stands out for its uniqueness and for having some of the world’s most famous and popular types of wine, such as Orvieto DOC, Torgiano Rosso DOCG and Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG. These sought-after wines are paired with well-known Umbrian cured meats. Such as Prosciutto di Norcia, Corallina, Ventresca and many other exquisite ones.



Food and wine traditions, art, history, and a stunningly beautiful landscape will help enrich your wedding. But a luxury wedding in Italy also requires an exclusive and fascinating venue that is distinctive from other, more traditional, destinations. That’s the case of Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus.


Luxury wedding venue in Italy: Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus


Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus is a treasure chest of beauty where couples can immerse themselves in all the beauty of Umbria and Italy in general. 


Nowadays, the ancient medieval Borgo is an exclusive location for luxury weddings. Here, just a few decades ago, until the 1950s, you could have found a rural village with its houses and inhabitants.  Today, Borgo Square and the Church revive again to make one of the most beautiful dreams come true. That is why San Pietro Aquaeortus is an exclusive and luxurious wedding venue in Italy, Umbria. 


Here a couple will have an entire medieval Borgo to personalize the wedding. 


Read on and let’s get into the details.


1) Decorations: to make a wedding unique, special,  exclusive and luxurious, decorations should be elegant, sophisticated and above all personalized. At Borgo San Aquaeortus you will have an opportunity to set up and decorate not only a reception place but the entire Borgo. Imagine flowers and arrangements adorning the large central square, enclosing the beautiful garden below the Borgo … soak in the atmosphere, and try to smell the scents that intoxicate you and your guests. Isn’t it marvellous?


luxury wedding, wedding table setting


2) Wedding Light Design: Alongside general decorations, you can together with our wedding planner imagine and arrange the lighting of the various spaces in the Borgo to create the most evocative and romantic atmosphere. As well as table settings for a wedding dinner or rehearsal dinner will be carefully chosen to create a luxurious and unique atmosphere, sewn like a tailor-made dress in Italian best sartorial.


Luxury wedding venue in Italy at night in San Pietro Aquaeortus


3) Food and wine: What you really cannot miss at a luxury wedding in Italy is food and wine of the highest quality.

The chefs of Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus will design for you and with you a gourmet menu that contemplates the best raw local materials, fine and sought-after ingredients as well as wines. Our philosophy is based on what is the age-old Italian tradition. A cuisine that is simple and luxurious at the same time. The luxury of our cuisine lies in the refinement of the ingredients.

Let’s take an example: Meat at first glance might all look the same, but our expert chefs will seek out meat bred in the best conditions. Meat is processed in the best way to safeguard its freshness, succulence, and fragrance. The same effort as well is put into all the ingredients that will make up your dishes.

Afterwards, the skilled hands of Borgo’s chefs will transform these ingredients into unique dishes with long Italian traditions and history. The one that made Italian cuisine the most famous in the world. Regarding wines, the lands of central Italy and Umbria are also historically suited to the cultivation of grapevines and, the production of wine. A very ancient tradition links these lands to wine that was already produced in ancient times, thousands of years ago by the Etruscans. Today the Borgo offers the finest and most sought-after labels of the classic wines of the area such as Orvieto Classico, Il Grechetto, Chianti, and Brunello. 

These are just some of the most enchanting products made available to the village’s guests.



4) Wedding Planner: A luxurious wedding requires a professional wedding planner. A wedding planner Borgo SPAO offers to its couples. Our exclusive Borgo wedding planner will work alongside you in a dedicated manner.
You can determine every aspect of the wedding with our wedding planner, starting from the event’s general mood to the floral project. From a place to organize a rehearsal dinner to the perfect location in the Borgo to hold a wedding lunch or dinner. Our wedding planner and our staff will be able to handle every detail to ensure that your wedding weekend runs smoothly and in the best way.


5) Guest accommodations: Usually, wedding guests are accommodated in hotels or guesthouses, but at Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus all guests can stay in lovely suites. The suites are situated in the Borgo antique houses and buildings. They have been finely renovated following the style of yesteryear, and today they are very comfortable accommodations equipped with all amenities.

Each suite has a balcony or a small terrace overlooking the village or the Umbrian countryside. Finished with high-quality handmade materials and are wonderfully suited to accommodate guests at a luxury wedding in Italy.



Other services for a luxury wedding in Italy at Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus


There are many couples who have chosen over the years to celebrate a civil wedding ceremony in our beautiful medieval village. 


In fact, the location is perfect for those who, in addition to the wedding reception, want to say YES in an enchanting and fairy-tale location. Usually, a ceremony is celebrated in the Borgo garden where you can imagine a wedding altar under which a classic rite will be celebrated in front of your guests surrounded by the Italian park with lavanda, roses, olive trees, and rosemary and immersed into the classic countryside smells and sounds. 

Our staff will be happy to help and follow you with all the paperwork. This way you will not have to “go crazy” with regulations and laws. We will make sure that your time is devoted only to beautiful organization issues. 

Civil wedding at Spao San Pietro Aquaeortus


Our wedding assistance also extends to those who would like to celebrate a wedding in one of the many beautiful churches in the surrounding area. Such as the Church of Allerona or the Cathedral of Orvieto, or other romantic churches nearby. In this case, our staff will also follow you for all the necessary bureaucratic and legislative requirements.



What is still missing to define a luxury wedding in Italy? 



The dress: Both  Bride and Groom should wear unique dresses being perfect for them and represent them, as well as their vision of the perfect wedding. we will help you get in touch with wedding dress designers for her and him. 


Transportation: The bride and Groom g will of course need to arrive at the Borgo with exceptionally organized transportation. It is definitely not a problem, whether you need a luxury or vintage car, which will be chosen according to your wedding style. We will find the most suitable solution for you. Your arrival at the Borgo will be, elegant and unforgettable,  like in the most beautiful and romantic movies. 


We will also think about providing Photographers and Videographers to capture unique wedding moments of the first intimate look of a Groom looking at his Bride,  their tears of happiness, their happy eyes, their YES I DO and their first kiss, their families and friends. 


Photography service for a Luxury wedding in Italy


Celebrating a luxury wedding in an exclusive venue Italy also means this: being assisted and followed step by step in all organizational stages. 

Turning a dream into reality is our mission, and it all starts with an initial consultation. For an exclusive wedding in Italy, contact us for further details and information. Let’s start together to make your Italian wedding dream come true.


Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus at night