Come and discover Spao Borgo San Pietro, one of the most ancient medieval Italian villages that today is a perfect venue for weddings, events and retreats. A treasure chest of beauty and wellness in the green heart of Italy.


Walking into the small medieval streets of a village, crossing the threshold of what once were its schools, its houses, the businesses of its inhabitants and its workers, tasting the flavours and breathing the smell of its local tradition… Visiting Spao Borgo San Pietro involves all this and even more.


The old fortress of the Williamites monks, which dates back in the XIth century is one of the most ancient Italian villages. It is a place whose magical atmosphere has been object of a great conservative restoration work that still today allows us to admire its historical traits that characterize it from its construction on.


Borgo San Pietro


Borgo San Pietro, a heaven of luxury and wellness at the heart of Italy


It is few kilometres away from Allerona, at the core of Central Italy, just between Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio. It was transformed by the current owners into a paradise of luxury and wellness.


Spao Borgo San Pietro is actually a high-level accommodation facility. To those who decide to enjoy some relaxing days in the villages, the services offered are:


  • a stay in one of the apartments obtained by the old houses of the past inhabitants, that settled here until 1950s;
  • wellness programs, massages, yoga sessions, in the facility Spa;
  • having lunch and dinner with local products, using precisely the culinary traditional techniques;
  • typical exquisite wine tasting, whose grapes grow along the wine route that crosses Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio;
  • en plein air relax by the pool of Spao Borgo San Pietro, with a view of the surrounding woods;
  • having a walk, horseback riding, or cycling along the Selva di Meana Park paths to discover some quite unique plant species.


Borgo San Pietro


An Italian village to experience…and to share


Due to the exclusive services that it provides, for the charm of its interiors permeated with history, for the beauty of its external huge gardens, Spao Borgo San Pietro is really a heaven for comfort, a place to choose for your holidays but also for special events, such as weddings.


Spao Borgo San Pietro, an exclusive location for weddings


This Italian medieval village is perfect to celebrate one of the most important days of every couple’s life; even more if you are looking for an exclusive location for weddings.


Borgo San Pietro just hosts one event per day. Therefore, the couple that chooses our structure to celebrate its wedding here is guaranteed to be the only one and to be able to exploit all the space that Spao can provide.


The village square with its breath-taking view on the surrounding woods and where to set up the wedding banquet; the garden around the village where to organize the welcome cocktail; and the external terrace where to celebrate your civil wedding ritual.


Borgo San Pietro


borgo san pietro


Among the most loved wedding moods couples getting married in Spao Borgo San Pietro choose, there are the boho chic and country chic, or the so-called green ones. Indeed, the philosophy the village and its staff are grounded in is the maximum respect of Nature and of the benefits that it provides.


So, luxury relies in simplicity here in Borgo San Pietro. You can find it in a wildflower, as well as in the power of the water gushing pure out from the near streams. A simplicity that emphasizes the beauty of the place and of the events that are organized here.


Borgo San Pietro


Destination Wedding Italia: pronouncing “Yes, I Do” in the Umbrian village


A feature that makes it one of the favourite places of the Destination Wedding Italia: there are many brides and grooms who choose to marry in Spao Borgo San Pietro, organizing their discreet wedding in terms of number of guests, but that transform it into a true holyday weekend to discover the places, the flavours and the traditions of this area.


Borgo San Pietro


Team building and retreat location


For these peculiar features, for the beauty and the integrity of the place and its spaces, for the great variety of offered services, Borgo San Pietro in Allerona is an ideal location for activities such as team building and retreat.


Companies decide to gift groups of workers a stay in our structure just to strengthen their sense of belonging to the team, to improve the internal communication and to support their being a team.


Pictures of Borgo San Pietro: the dreams starts here


Spao Borgo San Pietro must to be described also by images.


So, here is for you a photo gallery of the village, to discover it through your eyes; to peek inside its walls, its rooftops, the apartments in our small centre; to begin to love this place, a beauty treasure chest in the heart of Italy.



For all other pictures, it is enough to click on the Gallery in Spao Borgo San Pietro.


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