Magically: a tour in the most beautiful cities where to get married in Umbria

The appeal of the Umbrian villages is unparalleled. Chapels, churches and religious structures of a great artistic and historical value are ready to welcome brides and grooms who dreamt about a perfect day for their “I Do”, having a marvellous landscape as a background as well. This is a tour in the most beautiful churches where to get married in Umbria, between frescoes, spectacular cloisters and ancient culture.


Most beautiful cities where to get married in Umbria


Organising a wedding ceremony in Umbria seems to be easy, thanks to the incredible variety of venues and naturalistic suggestive landscapes, villages and hills, and great historical value accommodation facilities such as Spao Borgo San Pietro in Allerona (Terni).


A coherent choice that immediately makes brides and grooms who wish to find a perfect spot for their reception party come to an agreement. But this is also the ideal scenery for the exchange of their wedding vows. However, it is not as easy as it seems because of this huge variety that gives those who wish to marry in Umbria dozens of alternatives.


Mainly, the choice of the church where the religious ceremony will be celebrated is at the same time one of the most significant and complicated moments as it represents an important step that comes first, when the rest of preparation has not yet come to life. But also because, in case of religious celebrations, the church is where you and your future husband will exchange your vows, freezing forever your love in a specific place and moment.


We have selected some of the religious architecture jewels of the region among the most beautiful churches where to get married in Umbria, in villages that shine of a light which is hard to catch: Assisi and Perugia, Todi and Orvieto, and then the beautiful Gubbio and Foligno. The Umbrian territory provides always new emotions and stimuli to those like you who have chosen to marry in this corner of Italy.


The most beautiful churches where to get married in Umbria: artistic marvels


Romanic, Middle Ages and Renaissance style marvels, all at once: the churches of Umbria are an icon of endurance and faith. It is about endurance because their history has lasted for centuries; it is about faith because these religious places contain the Christian values of love and hope, perfect keywords for two people who are going to start their life together.


Moreover, they are also a link between discovery and exploration which gathers every year thousands of tourists who wish to lose themselves in the timeless atmosphere of the region and of its beauties. If you wish to celebrate your wedding in Umbria in one of the many churches that dot the regional architectural panorama, and then to party with friends and relatives in ancient residences and exclusive venues such as Spao Borgo San Pietro, you will find here priceless spots.


most beautiful cities where to get married in umbria


Therefore, here you will find mentioned some of the most beautiful churches where to get married in in Umbria, in a tour that puts the territory splendour together with its resources.


Churches for a marriage in Orvieto, your “I do” in a special village


The Umbrian city hides like a treasure chest so many beautiful churches with their different styles, from Middle Ages to Renaissance ones. The oldest and most emblematic one is the Church of San Giovenale, in Orvieto: a true institution since 1004, with its fantastic and well-preserved frescoes.


The Church of San Domenico is another great example of architectural magnificence with its beautiful Petrucci Chapel and its earthenware floor.


In the end, we must not forget to mention the dreamy weddings at the Orvieto’s Cathedral, known by many as one of the most beautiful and hard to resist cathedrals of the world. It is easy to understand why: bas-reliefs, mosaics and frescoes stand out, while safeguarded by walls that wisely mix the beautiful features of Medieval and Gothic styles. Getting married in Orvieto, in such full with history and art spots, will bring your exchange of wedding vows to the next level.


Churches for a marriage in Umbria, Santa Maria Assunta in Allerona


most beautiful cities where to get married in umbria spao borgo san pietro

Credits: Andrea Vagni


You can find a little jewel in the wonderful landscape that surrounds Spao Borgo San Pietro. Namely, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Allerona, with its marvellous alabaster glass windows and the luxuriously decorated apse. This beautiful historical building set in the village of Allerona allows people to easily reach Spao Borgo San Pietro to celebrate and to discover also the architectural splendour of Umbrian villages which are less visited by mass tourism.

Getting married in Assisi, between mysticism and beauty


Getting married in the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi is a daydream. This religious complex is probably the most majestic icon not just for Umbria, but for all Italy. The Franciscan Order, which the most loved and visited building of Assisi is based on, influences the style that ceremonies have as they get to be celebrated in it, depriving them of the “too-much mood” and keeping just the essentiality: the love between those who decide to exchange their wedding vows inside its walls.


There are rules to abide by if you wish to get married in the Church of Assisi, which are well explained on the Assisi’s Archdiocese website. Not just mere aesthetic interest for one of the most beautiful places in Italy, but also devotion must be pivotal to those who choose this Church as the place where to exchange their vows before The Lord.


There are other beautiful places to get married in in Assisi, like the equally famous and loved Church of Santa Chiara, the fantastic Cathedral of San Rufino and the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, which is one of the most ancient of the city.


Churches for a wedding in Perugia and its province 


Among all the churches for a wedding in Perugia, the Church of Ss. Severo and Agata, with its ancient and suggestive origins, shines bright. You will find some valuable examples of historical and religious buildings in what is known as the street of the 12 Churches. One of them is the church entitled to the Madonna della Luce, which is perfect to visit during a tour of the city’s jewels.


The church of San Pietro in Perugia is a highly fascinating Benidictine Abbey, with its cloister and its bell tower decorating its walls.


But for you who desire to celebrate your wedding Umbria absorbed in the territory, we suggest the artistic marvels of Todi and Foligno, in the province of Perugia. Santa Maria della Consolazione in Todi is a Temple located outside the city walls; the Cathedral of San Feliciano in Foligno is one of the most representative churches, with its crucifix dating back to the XVth century and the timeless atmosphere that lingers in the building.


Another unavoidable stop during the tour of Umbria for those who are looking for the perfect church for their wedding is Gubbio and its truly representative Cathedral of Sant’Eubaldo, enriched with works of art and spectacular glass windows.


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