Orvieto’s wedding venues and the splendor of Spao Borgo San Pietro between dream and memory

The naturalistic and architectural beauties of this corner of Italy are available for dreamy wedding celebrations in the beating heart of Umbria, few kilometres away from Lazio and Tuscany. Among the wedding venues, Orvieto and the magic provided by Spao Borgo San Pietro are the highest representatives of this suggestive bond between past and present. Today we tell you why.


There is no place that is more generous than Italy in offering nature and memory. Its history, its past and its present intertwine with such an incredible energy in places like Umbria, a central symbol of the peninsula where the magnificence of ancient times still explodes and seems alive again, suspended in a magical and primordial atmosphere. 


Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus in Umbria, located at the slope of the hills of the Selva di Meana Park in the municipality of Allerona, is the icon of this union between antiquity and modernity, the impulse towards future and the love for what it was once.


A project has brought the ancient medieval village to a new life, by turning it into a perfect location for exclusive events in Umbria such as retreats, team building sessions and, of course, wedding celebrations. This work rescued from oblivion this old religious place for Williamite monks, built in the XI century, and house of worship and peace for more than 700 years.



If you and your future husband are looking for a wedding venue in Orvieto and around, you will find excellent services and a perfect background for your unforgettable event in Spao Borgo San Pietro.


Orvieto’s wedding venue: magical wedding in Central Italy


Celebrating your wedding in Orvieto in an exclusive country chic location as Spao Borgo San Pietro is a true gift. It is made both for you who choose Central Italy as a location for a dreamy wedding, and for your guests who will join you to rejoice together.


orvieto wedding venues


Orvieto is the cradle of relax and Middle Ages, the emblem of the entire Umbria, an irresistible call for those who explore Tuscany and Lazio and decide to broaden their horizons by wandering up to the villages in Umbria.


Orvieto’s surroundings, that deserve to be visited anyway, are framed by a spectacular landscape like the one provided by the Selva di Meana Park, from which Spao Borgo San Pietro draws its lymph. Because the idea of a wedding in Orvieto goes hand in hand not only with sustainability, genuine farm-to-table food and wine, and tradition, but also with Umbrian ancient residences where country chic marriage powerful potential comes to life.


This ancient village has been rediscovered, restructured and brought to a new life in 2005 after 5 years of restoration to save it from decades of deterioration. Its enviable spot allows the couple and its guests to enjoy a weekend lost in the vivacity of cities and small suggestive villages to rediscover, experience and freeze in their memory for good.


orvieto wedding venues

Getting married in Orvieto, a perfect wedding venue for those who want the best


In these continuous discoveries and memories, Orvieto (Umbria) is second to none. It has stood upon its tuff cliff for centuries and reveals the traces of the Etruscan civilization passage thanks to the tour of the caves that twist and turn in its subsoil.


Orvieto is also a brilliant cradle of culture due to its museums and centuries-old artistic attractions, such as the famous Pozzo di San Patrizio, that embellishes the city layout. Visiting Orvieto is an unforgettable experience, as well as choosing this area for luxurious weddings where past and present, simplicity and innovation intersect.


Spao Borgo San Pietro has turned this mood into a real mantra in order to welcome those who decide to get married in Umbria, which merges perfectly with other two exceptional regions, namely Tuscany and Lazio. Nature and good food are not missing in this part of the region that overlooks the gentle hills of the centre of the peninsula. A wedding venue in Umbria does its best to take advantage from the past to rebuild stronger and more stable walls, where nature, luxury, comfort and simplicity live together and intertwine at every event.


orvieto wedding venues


Wedding in Umbria, Spao Borgo San Pietro as the setting for your “I do!”


Borgo San Pietro embraces in its ancient walls a great accommodation facility, food and experience offer for needy brides and grooms who desire to say their “Yes, I do!” in an environment all wrapped up in magic and relax, just as you.


And for those who would like to celebrate their civil wedding ceremony in Umbria, Borgo San Pietro represents a great option to create a both exclusive and all-inclusive event, and to give their guests a regenerating and pleasant wedding weekend.


Today every spot, that was finely restructured to aim at preserving and strengthening the past splendour, is a small corner of beauty: the newlyweds and their guests will find a place to refresh in the apartments converted from the social and recreative spaces of the ancient village that was populated up until 1950s.


But bride and groom can also celebrate their love in spots which are ideal for open-air civil weddings, enriched by a pool, a SPA and a cellar that brings out the magnificence of this area wine production.


orvieto wedding venues


The best of Orvieto and Umbria in its entirety (few kilometres away from Tuscany and Lazio, offering to tourists and Italian beauty lovers their spectacular villages) blossoms within the walls of Borgo San Pietro, an old religious citadel that has become a symbol of renaissance and resilience, ready to welcome the dream of love of those who look for an exclusive wedding venue in one of the most suggestive spots of the entire peninsula.



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