Jewels of Italy, the most beautiful Churches in the Upper Tuscia for a Romanic wedding

“I do!” is something different when pronounced in the churches of the Upper Tuscia, which are fantastic examples of Romanic and Baroque architecture. All this can be coupled with the tour of the fantastic and suggestive surrounding area between Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, where you can perceive that past is still alive. If you are looking for a wedding venue in Viterbo or nearby, and a church that meets your standards, this is your guide.


A tour of Upper Tuscia is always a good idea. It is an ancestral and fantastic region in the heart of Italy, usually less visited than other more famous destinations. The villages in the Viterbo area of Tuscia are a rare example of balance and architectonic preservation, which mingles its past splendour with a great attention to its present. The Etruscan transition still looks very tangible.


The historical and cultural relevance of this land can only give an added value to the choice of celebrating you and your future husband’s wedding in this little naturalistic Italian heaven.


If you are looking for an Upper Tuscia church which meets your needs, as well as your partner’s and your wedding guests’ ones, here you find a short guide to orient yourself in the great variety of ideas this territory provides you. Apart from Upper Tuscia unbelievable landscapes and the opportunity to visit the priceless beauty of its villages, it also offers a genuine cuisine stemming from the land and the resources that made it great in the past, and that remain intact nowadays. You find it all in Spao Borgo San Pietro: one of the most historical and representative residences for wedding celebrations having this appeal for essential and charm, located in the Upper Tuscia few kilometres away from Viterbo.


churches upper tuscia


The most beautiful and suggestive Upper Tuscia Churches


Civita di Bagnoregio, Tarquinia and Tuscania, Bomarzo and its gardens, as well as the splendid view of the Bolsena Lake: these are just some of the focal points of an itinerary in Tuscia and near Viterbo which deserve to be visited. If you are looking for the perfect church in this area to exchange your wedding vows with your future husband, you should know that here you will find some of the most important symbols of Romanic and Baroque architecture of the entire peninsula.


Choosing the Viterbo part of the Upper Tuscia and celebrating your wedding in a country chic yet elegant location in the surrounding of Viterbo (Lazio) or Orvieto (Umbria) means being encircled by the beauty of three wonderful regions at a single time. Therefore, your selection triples if you have such landscapes for your religious or civil ceremony in a location that also offers you adequate room both for the ritual and the party. This is exactly what you get in Spao Borgo San Pietro, in Allerona (Umbria).


Among the Baroque churches of Tuscia, one of the most suggestive is entitled to Maria SS. Del Suffraggio and located in Grotta di Castro, near the Bolsena Lake.  The religious structures in this area, together with the Romanic ones in Viterbo, the city of Popes full of history and culture, are perfect for cosy and intimate settings lovers.


There are two churches to keep an eye on if you wish to have an extremely spectacular and romantic wedding in Tuscania, the marvellous village in Viterbo and icon of the ancient southern Etruria: the church of Santa Maria Maggiore and the one entitled to San Pietro that arises from the antique necropolis of the city.


Apart from the beautiful Cathedral entitled to Santa Margherita and Martino, Tarquinia’s past is shown by the fascinating church of San Francesco, well sustained by outer walls.


Churches in Viterbo and its province: artistic heritages to discover


Viterbo’s churches are splendid for celebrating an unforgettable religious wedding before heading to the location you have chosen for your party (and your overnight stay, to have a memorable wedding weekend as those celebrated in Spao Borgo San Pietro, one of the most fascinating villages in Umbria, Central Italy).


The Cathedral of San Lorenzo and the Church of San Francesco alla Rocca in Viterbo are two marvellous examples of the luminous Romanic architecture with different Gothic and Baroque influences. The wedding celebrations in these places, so rooted into the past yet so eternal, become an intimate and unforgettable experience suspended in an atmosphere which embraces the bride, the groom and the guests.


After the exchange of your wedding vows, the idea of choosing one of the most spectacular landscapes offered by the Bolsena Lake is perfect for a wedding photo shoot that makes those memories last forever. Then, you can head to Spao Borgo San Pietro: you get into the heart of celebrations in a magnific location that perfectly gathers together the Tuscan, Umbria and Lazio Upper Tuscia areas.