Perfect weddings, from A to Z: luxury weddings aim at excellence. Every aspect of the event deserves to be as the bride and groom to be have always dreamt it: from the quality of decorations and dishes until the emotions felt by the protagonists and guests. A dream that comes true at Spao Borgo San Pietro.


In the latest years, the Luxury Wedding has become a real art. The realisation of luxury weddings makes the couple’s eyes light up, they dream an event such as those of the vips. Their dreams, with a few adaptations, can finally come true. 


Care of details and authenticity, two of the most important ingredients that make the wedding day unforgettable, not only for the protagonists. For a perfect luxury wedding every idea needs to be put down in black and white. None can be ignored.


luxury wedding spao borgo san pietro


Luxury weddings, the password is uniqueness


Luxury weddings are unique. The final aim is to organise an event that remains fixed in the memories of those who lived it. For the newlyweds this is, of course, inevitable, we can not say the same for the guests. This is the reason why every detail is important to surprise them. 


A detailed project concerning the style and the elements that will compose the luxury wedding is essential. The wedding flowers and decorations must be rich and splendid. The wedding cake must be high and regal. Everything must be in harmony both with the luxury wedding theme and location.


Luxury Wedding: here are 3 suggestions to organise it


The advice for the realisation of a Luxury Wedding can be contained in three points:


    • Do not economize, carefully investUsually, The luxury wedding involves a higher budget compared to the average. Anyway it must be used in the best way for the event to be successful. So, say no to waste of money and say yes to the attention of every detail. Guests will feel pampered and will never forget those emotions.


    • Entrust professionalsSkilled suppliers in organizing luxury weddings are essential. Doing everything by yourself is not easy. For this reason hiring a wedding planner may be useful.


  • Create an impeccable and coherent styleYour luxury wedding style will be unique. For this reason it is really important to outline it in every aspect of the event: from the Church’s decorations until the wedding cake. A theme can be very useful to dictate the guidelines.



Luxury wedding theme, yes to the country chic


The luxury wedding is such a wide formula that one of the most popular question is “how to choose the luxury wedding theme?”. On one hand there is the wish to be very traditional, from the other hand there is the wish to follow the current trends. These two aspects can be mixed respecting elegance and style. For example, a Country Chic Wedding represents the perfect combination of nature and luxury. 


The luxury wedding themes following these standards are several. An idea based on colors totally respect the idea of elegance. A total white event, for example, highlights luxury without exaggerating. For those who love the fictional world, the best starting points come from cinema: Hollywood films may be the right place from which to draw epiphany. 


Instead, the couples who have organized a Destination Wedding Italy, can draw inspiration directly from the chosen place. The local traditions let the guests lose in a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. From the typical dishes to the folkloristic music, everything will be original and captivating. Luxury weddings in Tuscany are more and more appreciated. 


Luxury wedding decorations


In a luxury wedding the decorations are among the most important elements. Entrusting a design professional or studying together with the suppliers every decoration is crucial. Planning is essential to enhance the location and the whole event. Nothing can be ignored in a Luxury Wedding: stationery, fabrics, centerpieces, and much more, could be determining for the success of the event. 



Wedding flowers


Wedding flowers are the main responsible for making magical the atmosphere and giving unique emotions. A wide budget, such as that of a luxury wedding, can be used to choose refined and elegant flowers. Every location suggests a unique project.


Wedding cake


Wedding cake is the queen of luxury weddings. The cake cutting is one of the most important moment of the event. For this reason a Luxury Wedding deserves to have at the center of the scene a real masterpiece. 


Regardless of the shape and colors, the wedding cake must be unforgettable. In other words: impactful. For this reason there might be more than one. Design is as important as taste. 


luxury weddings at spao borgo san pietro


Luxury wedding in Italy, where to say Yes, I do


The right location for luxury wedding in Italy is a real point of reference. It is the starting point of the wedding couples’ dreams. Fairy tales atmosphere and magical places are typical of a Luxury Wedding.


Wide spaces giving to the guests the chance to move around, changing perspective but living in every moment unique feelings. Another important detail is light, both natural and artificial, that will help to highlight the elements chosen for this special day.


Luxury wedding in Italy are very popular also for foreign brides and grooms to be. The organization of this kind of Destination Wedding Italy must consider other important aspects: hospitality, enhancement of the area. The aim is to allow guests to live a real trip among the culture of our country. 


spao borgo san pietro


Spao Borgo San Pietro, the right location for luxury wedding


Spao Borgo San Pietro is an exclusive location for luxury weddings. It is a place out of time and space, perfectly complying with the wish to create a magical dimension, loved by those who want a Luxury Wedding. The wedding location located among Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio has wide outdoors and indoors where guests can be pampered in every moment of the event. Comfort and great taste are at the base of hospitality. 


In order to have a unique luxury wedding every corner of Spao Borgo San Pietro can be ‘dressed up’ according to the needs of the wedding couple. The purpose is to create a protagonists and their guests ‘tailor-made’ experience. The adventure in this magical wedding location in Umbria does not stop at the wedding day. For the couples who want to stay some more days, for example, there is the chance to have a walk or a horse ride in the near woods, or to join meditation moments. 


A tempting proposal for those who love their country, in the heart of Italy, but even for those who arrive from afar. Spao Borgo San Pietro is an ad hoc location for the Destination Wedding Italy, as it offers the chance to host and entertain guests even for a whole weekend. Its apartments, Spa and wine cellar to visit, will make foreign grooms and brides to be and their guests feel like at home.



Location: Spao Borgo San Pietro

Cake: Sweetie Pie by Natascia Bachini



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