Spao Borgo San Pietro was born in Middle Ages (11th century) as a religious and spiritual place and was inhabited until the 1950s. After the important restoration project, today it is one the most fascinating Umbria Sights & Historical Landmarks. A heaven of wellness and luxury. An excellent accommodation facility.


Spao Borgo San Pietro’s history starts in the Middle Ages, during the XIth century, thanks to the Williamite monks that built it up as a religious place. Today it is one of the most fascinating Umbria Sights & Historical Landmarks.


Here everything smells of history, nature, and beauty. Walking in the little streets of the village means to get lost in its pretty red-roof brick houses, to stop and watch the Romanic church and to discover unique perspectives, with a breathtaking view on the Selva di Meana Park.


ancient residences in umbria


Umbria Sights & Historical Landmarks, all the charm of Borgo San Pietro


Borgo San Pietro, that was inhabited until 1950s, has been rescued from the passing of time thanks to an important restoration project that has lasted for over 5 years.


The entrepreneur Mr. Stefano Magini had wanted it. It is just through his forward-looking vision, aiming at making a part of Italy shine, that Spao Borgo San Pietro has become one of the excellent Umbria Sights & Historical Landmarks.


A beauty and peace paradise, where to regenerate and disconnect from the chaos of everyday city life.


ancient residences in umbria


Umbria Sights & Historical Landmarks: here you breathe history and profit from luxurious services


Among the historical residences in Umbria, Spao Borgo San Pietro is surely one of those “in the best shape” (have a look yourself, go to the Gallery!).


If you wish stay in an old dwell, here you can enjoy a variety of luxurious services that will make it a magnific and no-stress holiday.


Just to mention some:

  • The outdoor pool, with a view on the Selva della Meana Park woods;
  • The Spa and wellness area, where everything revolves around the idea of “salus per aquam”, namely “health through water”;
  • The restaurant in the deconsecrated church, where to taste traditional food;
  • The cellar containing the best wines from the Wine Route that crosses Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio;
  • The guided walks, horse riding or cycling tours through the woods’ paths and to some towns rising up from the three regions.


ancient residences in umbria


Spao Borgo San Pietro, the luxury of simplicity


Spao Borgo San Pietro, located in Allerona, is a fully-equipped resort.


A magnificent historical residence in Umbria, where to enjoy a luxury that relies intrinsically in simplicity.



Getting married in an ancient place, our village is the perfect wedding venue Italy


Nevertheless, our village is also the perfect wedding location in Italy if you are a bride-to-be who wishes a wedding in an ancient place.


The charm of Middle Ages history, the precious indoor spaces and huge green gardens would be the scenery to a unique Italian wedding.




In Borgo San Pietro, actually, you can have the chance to tailor your wedding day in every detail, exploiting many advantages:

  • Having the exclusivity of the entire location;
  • Using any outdoor and indoor spot of the village;
  • Preparing the location accordingly to the mood and theme you prefer for you wedding;
  • Celebrating the civil ritual ceremony;
  • Appointing one of our staff to celebrate your wedding as they are regularly authorized.


wedding venue italy


Wedding Weekend in Italy, gift yourself with a luxurious and relaxing weekend


Dulcis in fundo, your wedding in a village in Umbria will be the chance to stay in our historical residence also during the following days.


It is up to you, whether you wish to share your Wedding Weekend with your guests or to turn it into a romantic escape for you and your future husband!


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