The charm of history, the beauty of nature and the high quality of services make Spao Borgo San Pietro the perfect location for your gorgeous wedding in Tuscany. A medieval exclusive village which mission is to host and celebrate love.


If settings are fantastic, panoramas are even more. The details are well-finished in every single aspect and the organization is very precise. Then, you and your future husband will be flawless in your wedding dresses; happy in your smiles.


If you wish to organize a luxurious wedding in Tuscany, you must begin to daydream immediately. To imagine where and how to celebrate your love, sharing it with your loved ones.


Luxurious wedding venue in Tuscany, your “I do” in the region of Love.


In Italy there is a region par excellence whose mission is to host the most beautiful weddings, either it is about intimate unions or hundreds-guests’ weddings: Tuscany.


Well, if you are thinking about a Luxury Wedding, your choice will necessarily be a sumptuous celebration in Tuscany.


luxurious wedding in tuscany spao borgo san pietro


Borgo San Pietro, a luxurious wedding venue in Tuscany


The range of proposals and possibilities, in terms of sumptuous locations for weddings in Tuscany, is huge. Actually, very huge.


But there is a place that more than others is suited for a kind and elegant wedding reception, where the beauty of indoor and outdoor spaces of the structure fuses together with the one of the surrounding places.


We are talking about Spao Borgo San Pietro, an antique medieval village that today is an excellent resort.


wedding venue Tuscany



Luxury wedding Tuscany: dream big


Here love lives in the name of luxury and simplicity. It is about a wedding location conceived to be a true paradise of wellness and beauty.


Borgo San Pietro shows up from the green heart of Italy, in Allerona, in the Selva della Meana Park where three of the most beautiful regions of the Belpaese meet: Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio.


The colours, flavours, and smells of these lands wrap the future bride and groom up as they look for a new luxurious location for wedding which fits their wishes.


wedding venue umbria


If you are still wondering why to choose Spao Borgo San Pietro for your Luxury Wedding In Tuscany, here you find some reasons:


  • The entire village, with its big indoor and outdoor spaces, is exclusively granted to the couple that will celebrate its dream Italian wedding there.
  • The future bride and groom could choose to exploit any corner of this wedding venue: from the panoramic terrace to the courtyard, from the big outdoor garden to the pool with a view on the woods.
  • Spao Borgo San Pietro contains an ancient church, which today is deconsecrated and destined to be a restaurant but that can be transformed into the civil ritual wedding celebration spot.
  • In the location you can celebrate do civil ceremonies and we can provide an authorized officiant (if you don’t have one!) that you can appoint from our staff members.
  • There are many types of wedding settings that can be realized, if you have your wedding planner or if you decide rely on our team of specialists in wedding organization.



Here some ideas for a luxurious wedding setting!


Talking about luxurious wedding settings, the ideas can range from a more formal and romantic mood to winking at the shabby style, up to more ecological and green proposals, without losing that sensation of preciousness you are looking for.


For this reason, we show you some settings pictures that we have shot for newlyweds that, just as you, were looking for their location for a sumptuous wedding in Tuscany.


They actually found it here, in Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus.



Weddings location Tuscany: choose the medieval charm of Spao Borgo San Pietro


There is another reason why to choose Borgo San Pietro as a wedding venue in Tuscany where to celebrate your wedding: living and make your guests live an experience.


Indeed, our location stems from what once were the ruins of a small town populated until 1950s.


After a major restoration project, today the entire village lives again in every single spot.


So, the old houses of its inhabitants, as well as the spaces destined to schools and bakeries, now are transformed into apartments equipped with any comfort.


Organizing a luxurious wedding in Borgo San Pietro means also to enjoy some relaxing days here, right after the wedding.


luxurious wedding in tuscany spao borgo san pietro


You and your partner can:


  • dive into the outdoor pool, with a view on the Selva della Meana Park;
    pamper yourselves in the Spa;
  • taste the local traditional food;
  • taste the best wines of the Wine Route that crosses Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio;
  • do some horse riding, cycling or walks to spot the rarest plants and flowers;
  • relax with meditation moments guided by professionals which are experts in the Yoga practice.


Make your choice: whether to share one or more days after your wedding with your closest friends and relatives, for an unforgettable wedding weekend.

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