If you are looking for an outdoor wedding venue in Umbria, Spao Borgo San Pietro suits you perfectly.


The huge green spaces and gardens, the panoramic terraces and the possibility to tailor every single spot of the village  make it the perfect outdoor wedding venue in Italy.

wedding venue umbria


The light breeze swinging your hair, your sight that gets lost in a clear sky and endless nature horizon, the lavender perfume in the air: this is what choosing an outdoor wedding location in Umbria means.


Let us tell you what choosing Spao Borgo San Pietro Aqaeortus for your wedding in Italy  brings with it.


Outdoor wedding venue in Umbria: Spao Borgo San Pietro


Our medieval village allows you to celebrate your “Yes, I do!” en plein air, enjoying the outdoor spaces, terraces and gardens with breath-taking panoramic views.


So, you can prepare it accordingly to the mood and style you will choose for your wedding…


Spao Borgo San Pietro, for a “Yes, I do” that smells of nature


Organizing an outdoor wedding in Umbria – an Italian region that has always been keen on natural beauty – allows you to give a specific stylistic glam to your wedding that can go from Shabby Chich to super trendy Eco.

In this terms, Spao Borgo San Pietro is the perfect location for en plein air weddings in Umbria.

The one that best can host civil cereminies and wedding parties plunged into nature and having the most diverse styles: the romantic one, the traditional one, the green one, the country one and… go ahead with fantasy!



Outdoor wedding in Umbria, infinite possibilities of style in Spao


By choosing Spao Borgo San Pietro as your wedding location you can arrange, for example:


  • an outdoor civil wedding;
  • a wedding in the woods;
  • a country chic reception party.


All this rigorously en plen air! And with a location all booked for the future newlyweds.


1. En plein air civil wedding inUmbria

Let’s start from the en plein air civil wedding. Spao Borgo San Pietro is authorized to host the civil ritual wedding celebration. In case you need one, we can provide a member of the staff to perform your ceremony.


Different outdoor spaces of the location are perfect for the part of the wedding ritual: the panoramic terrace with a view on the Selva di Meana Park is the most intimate, surrounded by nature and with its cobbles.


Moreover, there is a great lawn that embraces the village and the deconsecrated church that today hosts the restaurant, this latter being transformable for the occasion into a place where to celebrate your wedding. If it rains, this is the perfect Plan B to your outdoor civil ritual ceremony!


wedding venue umbria


2. Wedding in the woods


If you decide to have your wedding in the Borgo, another chance that Spao Borgo San Pietro offers to you is to choose to celebrate it in the woods.


Apart from its lawns and gardens, the location is surrounded by trees and paths that are the core of the Selva della Meana Park.


Therefore, why wouldn’t you exchange your eternal love vows here, breathing an unpolluted air imbued with joy?


3. A Country Chic Wedding


One of the most popular, beautiful and trendy wedding styles is the Country Chic, even more when it comes to celebrate it outdoors.


Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus, with its medieval constructions and the huge outdoor green spaces, is the ideal location to host this type of setting.


Whether you are choosing to celebrate here your wedding or just exploiting the location for your wedding celebration party, every detail and spot can be tailored accordingly to this style.


Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus from above


Shoots, ornamental branches, wild flowers and lavender twigs can come to life on the wooden chairs, on the imperial tables, on the tableau de mariage or on the “unconventional” altar where you will pronounce your “Yes, I do!”.


How to prepare an outdoor wedding venue in Umbria


Naturally, there are lots of styles and ideas on how to set an outdoor wedding up. Do you want some examples?


  • Shabby Chic, for a sweeter mood;
  • Eco and Green, if you have nature close to your heart;
  • New Romantic, for an elegant and traditional yet slightly contemporary wedding;
  • Mexican, if you want an explosion of colours.



wedding venue umbria

wedding venue umbria

Well, there are many wedding themes which are very amusing, original and unique, that can tailor and turn your outdoor wedding location in Umbria.

An outdoor wedding in Umbria in Spao Borgo San Pietro

There are settings that here in Spao Borgo San Pietro find their perfect expression, thanks to the huge different spaces that the village makes available to the future newlyweds.

But most of all because:

  • The Umbrian venue is booked exclusively to you, so it will never host two events at the same time;
  • All the indoor and outdoor spots can be used by the bride and the groom, with the chance to tailor them as they wish.

Location: Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus
Wedding Planning:  Spao Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus
Photography: Alessandro Mary
Flower Designer: Gardenia

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